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How to delete Uber Driver account in 2022

delete Uber account

Working in a taxi is not a grateful job. Due to this, there are many people that want to delete Uber account and create a new driver profile. Bad ratings and reviews, which, of course, are not always fair or true, directly affect the number of orders and their cost. In this article, we will tell how to delete an account on the most popular taxi service in the world and create another one without buying a second SIM card thanks to SMS-Man.

Flexible schedule and insurance

Uber is in high demand among drivers for a reason. Working with this platform has many advantages. The main one from them is a flexible schedule. You can work as much or as little as you would like and during any hours of the day, meaning there are both day and night shifts available. No need to schedule your driving around other activities and hobbies. You can drive when you have time.

Another significant benefit is insurance. Many people mistakenly think that drivers have to provide their own commercial policy. But the reality is that there is commercial insurance that covers the vehicle from the start to the end of the ride. This feature also includes uninsured motorist coverage along with other coverages including coverage when the driver is between trips.


Uber is also doing everything possible to ensure the safety of its drivers. Most people would think twice before hiring a hitchhiker, but as a hired driver, it is required to trust strangers every day. Platform does its best and has a lot of tools to verify riders using a feedback system where drivers and riders rate each other. There are also numerous reports online of passengers inappropriately flirting with drivers and vice versa.

How to delete Uber Driver account in a few steps?

It is possible to do using both the mobile app and website. However, the first option is somewhat more complicated. Because of this, we will start with how drivers can delete their Uber account through mobile or desktop browser.

The process is simple. Open the platform help page for deleting the profile and log in with an according account. You will be requested to answer a few questions and state the reason. Fill in all fields and submit the form. The app will send you an email confirming account deletion. In some cases, drivers will have to enter their passwords once again for security purposes.

The process of deleting Uber Driver account through a mobile application is practically not different. But it takes a little bit more steps. First of all, download and run Uber Driver mobile app. After that log in with your account, open the profile settings tab on the help page, and find the “I want to delete my account” button. Like in the case with the first option you will be requested to answer some questions. Do it and click “Submit” to delete your profile page.

How to create another Uber Driver account without phone number?

At first glance, this task seems impossible. But actually, there are no difficulties with completing it at all. Follow a simple step-by-step guide from our website to find out how it works:

1. Open the main page of and create an account.


2. Add funds using one from the presented payment methods.


3. Go back to the homepage and choose the country dialing code of the phone number.


4. In the same place pick Uber.


5. Click the buy button to receive the phone number.


The task is almost completed. Enter the received phone number on Uber and request a verification code. After that press the get SMS button to see the text message and finish the registration process.

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