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How to bypass PoF phone number verification

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POF or Plenty of Fish – one of the oldest dating apps in the world. It is known as one of the hardest apps to sign up. This article must help everybody who finds PoF phone number verification too complicated. Let’s go.

Why you should use a fake number for PoF verification?

There are lots of reasons not to show you real data in dating. I will list some of them.

  • Data leaks: the main reason to use fake data is to provide full security to your own data.
  • Scammers: lots of people use dating apps only to scam anybody.
  • Hackers: if somebody steals your account, you won’t be glad for that.

How to find a fake number?

It is very easy with SMS-Man. After a simple sign-up and topping up your balance, find lists of services and countries on the main page.

Here click buy and copy number from the header of the main page. Now we are ready to sign up POF account.

How to pass POF sign up?

  1. Reach with the United States VPN or proxy.
  2. Accept cookies and click Register button in header. You’ll see that. Enter your name and continue.
  3. Fill this form with valid information, mailbox should work.
  4. Now you should write REAL US address (it is necessary) and other information like in video.
  5. Choose all preferences you need from the app.
  6. Now fill all that POF need about you. Information can be fake.
  7. Now ready to design! Provide some ideas for the bio.
  8. Take your interests as tags.
  9. Now you are ready to enter copied phone number from SMS-Man!
  10. Find a 6-digit code on our website after clicking “Get SMS”.
  11. Fine! Now we are ready to upload photos. We can use images from thispersondoesntexist.
  12. It says we have one last step and everybody will be scared…
  13. But here you just have to agree with some policies and conditions.
  14. That’s all! Use POF and be happy!
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