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Create Likee account: likee sign up in 2022

Create Likee account

Many active users are wondering how to create Likee account. It’s not hard to do. You will need an email, phone number or authorization in one of the popular social networks. In this article we will look at the step-by-step process of registration in the video editor, which is so beloved by owners of mobile devices.

How to create Likee account

Before you create an account in Like, download the application in any way convenient for you:

  • through the official online store Play Market;
  • Using the downloaded APK-file from third-party resources.

After installing and launching Likee, you will be prompted to select the interface language. The video editor itself is multilingual: it has a large number of different world languages.

The registration itself is done in one click. There are several options for doing this. We will consider each of them in more detail below.

Ways to create a new account

You can sign in to a new Lyric account in the following ways, which are displayed in the signup window after you launch the app:

  1. Using your Google email;
  2. Using a valid phone number;
  3. via social networks.

The easiest option is to create a profile with your mail. You just need to click on the corresponding button, which has a red color. The app will make the move automatically, using the email to which the device is linked.

If you don’t have a Google account, you can enter your phone number by selecting the “Phone” button in the pink circle below. After entering, you will receive an SMS with a code for registration. Write it in a special field, think of a password, and then authorization will occur.

General tips

These registration methods allow you to create two or more new accounts. You can apply different authorization methods to each account. For example, you can use Facebook credentials for one account and Google Mail for another.

To exit the profile, you need to go to the main Likee settings and select the appropriate item at the bottom.

To log in to an existing account from a PC or other smartphone, you need to remember how you registered. If from a phone number, just enter it and you will receive a code that you use in the program.

You don’t have to be an advanced user to create a new Likee profile. Registration is done in a few clicks. The video editor allows you to choose the most convenient way. If you don’t have Google mail or don’t use social networks, you can simply enter the phone number you use.

Our service can help you create Likee account

With our SMS receiving service you can easily get a number for registering a new Likee account. Why do I need it? You can use this account without fear of being blocked. In case you register through a social network or from your personal phone number and you are banned, you can no longer create an account in this way.

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