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Sign up on PayTM without mobile number for $0.74

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PayTM is a famous Indian payment system that allows transferring payments from a bank account to electronic wallets without a bank card. It is widely used in the sphere of online sales to accept payments from clients in a convenient way.

No matter whether you are an owner of an online store or a developer of a start-up or an ordinary freelancer – a wallet on this payment platform would be a great tool for collecting money for you.

Many users are searching for sources where one can buy a ready account in this system. The point is that to register there one must pass SMS verification, but many people do not want to use their personal mobile numbers for that. However, purchasing a ready wallet is not the best solution. First of all, it is not safe at all. A seller of such a wallet can restore access to an account sold at any moment and lay his hands on your money. Secondly, it is very expensive. Buying a profile on this service will cost you about $50. So, how to receive money on PayTM without giving phone number?


We offer you an option that is both much safer and more advantageous. Namely, we offer you to buy a virtual number to register a PayTM account without phone number on your own for $0.74. That will help you both to save money and to protect your funds from unauthorized access.

On our website, you can use mobile operators from a huge selection of countries, among others, we have temporary numbers from India. You can pay for our services in dollars, rubles, and cryptocurrency via a wide range of payment systems. Due to the intuitive interface of our platform, you can easily buy a virtual number and create a wallet on PayTM without mobile number literally within a few minutes.

How to sign up on PayTM without mobile number safely – buy a virtual number for registration

Although the entire procedure is easy enough, we have compiled a detailed instruction for our clients:

  1. Open the service and register an account.

2. Open the section “Payment” on the main page and make a deposit via one of the available methods.


3. Go back to the main page and type “PayTM” in the search line. Afterward, pick up this service from the list.

4. You will see the list with virtual numbers for this payment system. Choose a suitable variant and press the button “Get”.


5. The number is successfully purchased, and you can start creating a wallet on PayTM without phone number. To do that, go to the official website

6. Press the button “Log In/Sign Up” in the upper right corner of the page.

click on button sign up

6. Click on the button “Sign Up”.

7. Enter the virtual number you bought, the email address, and the password.

8. Press the button “Create your Paytm Wallet”.

9. The system will send a message with a verification code to you. Return to and press the button “Get SMS”.

10. The code will be displayed in the column “SMS”.

12. Go back to the registration form, enter the code, as well as your name and surname. Then, press the button “Create your Paytm Wallet”.

13. Your personal account is successfully created.

So, you will manage to buy a virtual number and register a wallet for $0.74 only. And you can get as many such profiles as you want.
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