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SMS MAN Telegram机器人的新功能

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The SMS MAN Telegram robot has been used by many people, and we are constantly maintaining it, improving and adding new functions. In this article, I will tell you a brand new innovation that will help you get a number!

As you know, it is not always possible to buy a number through this website, and an error will pop up: the service is not available, please try again later. What does it mean? This means that you are trying to buy a popular and very popular service.

How can I get a popular number?

Many users of our services use special programs and will keep asking for verification codes in order to obtain verification codes. However, we provide equal opportunities for all users of our website to obtain verification codes and have added a brand new feature to Telegram bot.

What is this function?

When a user asks for a popular service, it may happen that the number cannot be issued because someone has successfully taken it away with the help of a special program.

In the Telegram bot, you only need to select the country and service you want to purchase the number, and it will make multiple requests for you within 30 seconds until it gets it.

Is it really useful?

The answer is definitely yes! We tested this feature with a limited number of users, and noticed that the average number of requests for a number is 2.5 requests, which includes all applications. If we only consider statistics from popular services and countries, the average number increases to 10. And now you will no longer see the message “The number is unavailable, try again later.” You will not need to ask the customer service, the robot can help you complete all the work.

How can I use it?

You have not registered on the sms-man website

First you need to register on our website . You can register on our website by email.

After registration, you need to recharge your balance. You can recharge through the different payment systems supported by our website. Of course, we are also constantly adding new payment systems. If you suddenly do not find your usual payment method, you can ask the customer service to report, and we will be happy to try it for you.

You have registered for SMS MAN service

Then it’s very simple. Make sure you have enough balance in your account, then go to the robot!

  1. After you pass, the robot will write you a welcome message, and then will wait for your API KEY, which you can see in your profile.

2. After entering the API KEY, you will see an all-round keyboard, which will help you purchase numbers

3. Finally, let’s buy a number. To find the “purchase number”, first you need to select a country, click this button, you will see a drop-down list of countries, and you can search by country.

4. After selecting the country, select Apply. There will be the same drop-down list, the application can also be searched, you can easily find the service you are interested in!

5. Once you select an application, the robot will automatically send multiple requests to find a number, which lasts about 30 seconds, until it finds an available number for you!

6. Now we only need to click “Get Verification Code” to get the required SMS and successfully register in the service.

What other functions does the SMS MAN robot have?

In this bot, we are testing the features that will be added to the website, so there are many other features! The following is a small list of SMS MAN Telegram bot features:

  • No need to go to any website , everything can be done from the shopping cart
  • Support three languages
  • Link to the online chat , the operator will answer your questions 24/7 and help you solve any problems
  • Quick search by country and service
  • Automatically ask for the number multiple times , until the user does not get the number
  • Simple formatting . All you have to do is click on the number and it will be copied to the clipboard so you can paste it on the service

What should I do if I do not receive the text message?

First, make sure you use the VPN of the country where you purchased the number on the registered device. It is very important for many services. If you don’t know which VPN or Proxy to use , you can use SMS MAN’s special robot to purchase Proxy from multiple countries.

If the VPN does not help you, you can just cancel the number and buy another one. This is absolutely free! Money from numbers that have not received the SMS will be returned to your account immediately!

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