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How to register Michat account without a phone number

Michat app

You cannot deny the importance of instant messaging services in modern life. Nearly every person uses them at the moment. They provide literally the easiest option to get with someone in touch and there is simply no better way for this. Those services are also often used for commercial purposes. However, registering multiple accounts, which are often needed in the case of using these services to promote various goods and services, might become really challenging as not everyone has multiple phone numbers to use for completing verification. So here is how to register an account on the Michat app without a phone number. This guide is also suitable for other instant messaging services available on the internet. You can use it with all of them as a universal solution.

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Simple communication via the internet

You can see a lot of people asking what is Michat mobile app. This service is not so well-known as one that users often confuse it with — WeChat. But there are still millions of people who use and appreciate this service. In fact, it is just another instant messaging app. It has a pretty basic list of features which includes:

  • Sending and receiving text messages one-on-one and in chats;
  • Making video and voice calls;
  • Sharing pictures;
  • Finding new people around within a certain range;
  • Creating or scanning a QR code for joining a group chat;

Of course, there are also some other popular features such as emojis, multimedia messaging, and others. Moreover, users of the Michat app also can take advantage of the friend verification feature which helps to prevent harassment by restricting the reception of messages from unverified friends in any way. This is a great solution for those who want to avoid disturbance from strangers, spammers, and scammers.

In total, it is a simple app that won’t be difficult in understanding for those who have ever used instant messengers before, nor for new users. You can use it to contact people that use it too as well as to find new friends or customers for your business. It’s completely up to you.


The only way to sign up for the Michat app without a phone number

Earlier we pointed out that this app is an instant messaging service. These days every app that positions itself in this way requires users to confirm their mobile phone numbers for registration purposes. This means that using a mobile number is mandatory to create a Michat account. However, there is no need to get upset in case it is not possible to do this with a personal number. You can easily replace it with a fake phone number to receive a verification code.

Such a number is suitable for use with any online service. Thereby, it also works for receiving the Michat verification code required to create an account. There’s no need to even own a personal mobile number in order to get a fake one. You can use this feature whenever there is a need to only by having any device with an internet connection. To say more, it is not a problem to operate as many fake numbers as required. So they are suitable for creating multiple profiles which will be especially useful for those who do online marketing and message a lot of people daily.

How to register a Michat account with a fake number?

This is easy to do. You will only need to obtain a fake phone number and then activate it in an appropriate way. Both of these tasks take less than 10 minutes in total. Just follow our detailed instructions below step by step:

1. Pass registration at the website and complete verification of the account.

2. Log in to the platform with the registered profile.

3. Use one of those payment systems that are presented on the relevant tab to refill your balance with funds.

4. Set up the country of issue for a fake number on the homepage.

5. Scroll the page to the list of supported online platforms.

6. Find the Michat app on this list manually or using the search option.

7. Make a purchase of a fake phone number making a click on the buy button.

8. Copy the received number and use it during registration on the app.

9. Create an account with a verification code that will arrive at your fake number in the next few seconds.

This is what it’s like to make a Michat account without a phone number. You can see that all mentioned steps are easy to perform. Literally, every internet user is capable of doing this. Creating multiple accounts in this way is not more difficult either. To do this, obtain a few more fake phone numbers and activate them one by one like the first one. You are not restricted to do this so there are less likely to appear any difficulties on the way.

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