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How to Open Maybank Account without a Phone Number?

Open Maybank Account without a Phone Number

Maybank is a prominent financial concern across expansive world horizons. Established in 1960, it has grown into the biggest Malaysian financial services group with a wide network across Southeast Asia. What is Mybank reach size? It has over 2,400 branches in 20 countries, providing a full range of banking and financial services.

These include money management, investment advising, and insurance to a diversified clientele such as individuals, small and medium enterprises, and large corporations. Registering for this service needs your number. This guide will share insights on the app’s functions and options to add a substitute number for a Maybank code.

What is Maybank

What is Maybank Like When Using?

Maybank’s namesake mobile app lets users seamlessly manage all their finances. It provides a platform where customers may conduct an array of transactions both safely and conveniently from their homes. There are functions like fund transfer, and bill payment, designed to bring a whole new amazing experience in managing financial issues.

What is Maybank in terms of security? It ensures a high safety level with state-of-the-art, modern mechanisms for processing user data and transactions. These include KYC procedures, biometric logins, and end-to-end encryption where customers’ financial details shall remain private and free from access by any unauthorized persons. 

It also offers the feature of planning tools, helping you systemize your expanses. Budget Planner, Spending Tracker, and Saving Goals tools allow you to manage your way up to your financial objectives. The bank empowers Maybank account users with resources to make informed economic decisions, further fostering their independence.

From time to time, new technologies are incorporated to guarantee that they work better and present new services. Among the improvements made by Maybank, there is the incorporation of QR Pay for cashless transactions with their debit and credit accounts and real-time tracking of your financials. 

Maybank app

How to Open Maybank Account?

Registering for the Maybank account requires several steps. Initially, new users are prompted to enter personal and banking details to set up their accounts. This process includes submitting the debit card number and PIN code, adding a username, password, security questions, and a number.

Submitting your number is one of the crucial Maybank account opening requirements. This step ties the user account to a specific device and helps in multifactor authentication processes. They will also need it for sending real-time alerts and notifications related to account activity.

The final registration stages include agreeing to terms and conditions and setting up security questions. Once these steps are completed, users gain full access to the app’s features, including financial transactions, account management, and personalized financial insights. If you want to confirm the Maybank code for phone verification with a disposable number, the following section will help. 

Get Maybank Code Using One-time Numbers

SMS-Man provides one-time numbers, an effective solution for bypassing the requirement to submit personal SIM numbers during various registration processes. These cloud-based numbers can receive text messages, enabling you to complete verification steps at Maybank. The bank will still think everything is as usual when you open Maybank account.

These numbers are particularly useful for those who prioritize privacy and wish to avoid sharing their contact details with third parties. By using such a number, you can maintain anonymity and register for apps and services with SMS verification. 

After you open Maybank account, SMS-Man’s becomes inactive, further enhancing security and preventing future misuse. This service is ideal if you need to register for multiple services and want to ensure you’re not exposed.

You can purchase and activate this number within a few moments. Select one of 200+ countries and 2000+ services, and SMS-Man will provide a temporary number that can receive the verification code.

virtual phone number

You can find detailed steps on purchasing and using it for the Maybank code in the guide below:

  1. Join with an existing account or Google+.
  2. Locate the ‘top up’ feature, deposit some money.
  3. Select the service Maybank and country.
  4. Click ‘buy’ near the selected service.
  5. Add the number to your profile, use it during registration.
  6. Click ‘receive SMS’ by clicking the namesake button near your number in the profile.
  7. Submit the Maybank code, finish the registration.

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