How to register a second Twitter account?
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How to create multiple accounts on Twitter?

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Twitter is one of the most well-known global social networks. There, one can share tweets (messages) with other users. One of the reasons why so many people visit this social platform is the fact that it is widely used by celebrities and other famous people: popular actors, well-known football players, musicians, politicians, even the current president of the USA – all of them have personal pages on Twitter. The most important point is that ordinary users can subscribe to their idols and watch their lives via tweets in real time.

In some cases, a user may need to create second Twitter account. An additional profile is often needed for inflating likes, preserving privacy, promoting businesses, as well as when the first one gets blocked. One should highlight from the very start – you cannot register multiple Twitter pages using a single mobile number. You will need to get a new number for each separate account.

When you need to make two Twitter accounts and more, the cheapest way is to use a service for online SMS activation. One of the proven websites that offer such services at an affordable price is On our website, you can buy a virtual number for setting up a second Twitter account for $0,17 only. That will provide you with an opportunity to receive an SMS with a verification code and to add a second Twitter account with a few clicks.

Our website offers mobile operators from the USA, Russia, Ukraine, as well as from China, France, Poland, and many other foreign countries. The Sms-man service provides “clean” numbers only. When you use them for registering Twitter app multiple accounts, you can be sure that your new profiles will not be blocked by the administration.

How to create second Twitter account on the Sms-man service?

To register second Twitter account and more using is quite easy. Just follow our instructions, and you will not face any difficulties:

  1. Open the website and pass a sign-up procedure.

2. Now, you can make a deposit. We accept dollars, rubles, and cryptocurrency.

3. Go back to the home page and use the search line to find Twitter.

4. Just click on the button “Buy” to get a virtual number.

5. Copy it to use for registration: find “Profile” – “Request History”.

6. You can proceed with setting up a second Twitter account. Open and press the blue button “Sign up”.

7. Invent a login and enter it in the line “Name”, paste the virtual number, specify your date of birth. Afterward, click on the button “Next” in the top right corner.

8. At the next stage, you will be offered to adjust ads. In step 3, you will be asked to review your personal information. And, in step 4, you will be required to verify your number. Just click “OK” and the website will send you an SMS with a code. You will see the window as in the screenshot below.

9. To receive the verification code, go back to and open the section “Request History”. Press the button “Get SMS”. The code will be displayed in a second.

10. Copy it and paste it into the corresponding form on Twitter.

11. The latest step is to invent a password, and the sign-up procedure will be finished.

Now you know how to create second Twitter account for $0,17 within 2-3 minutes only. Take full advantage of this method and register as many profiles as you need.
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