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How to Create Fake WhatsApp Account in 2024?

Create Fake WhatsApp Account in 2024

Do you need a phone number for WhatsApp? A mobile phone number is a basic way of identifying your identity in messenger. However, it’s not as necessary as you think and there are ways to avoid revealing your personal phone number.

So, you can get around this requirement by using fake phone numbers that can receive verification codes. Below you will learn more about this service and how to register a fake WhatsApp account without a mobile number.

WhatsApp — What is It?

Most likely, you live where WhatsApp is ubiquitous. It’s among the largest messengers by user number. The app has broad functionality, simple interface, and stable network. Millions have signed up here, regardless of whether they need a real or fake WhatsApp account.

Operated by Facebook, aka Meta, it allows you to exchange text messages, supplemented with pictures, GIFs, multi-format files, audio & video content. WhatsApp helps users share ideas one-on-one, in groups, or using channels.

WhatsApp has put extra emphasis on interaction by adding customization options including avatar and details field. Stories are also available here, known as Status. The presence/absence of these details indicates whether you face a real or fake WhatsApp account.

You can make a call to your loved ones in audio/video mode. According to many, audio calling works stably, and the video shows a clear & continuous image with good sound, though it depends on your connection.

Developers pay special attention to security. WhatsApp is using double encryption to prevent third parties from viewing messages. Two-phase authentication improves your safety measures, and cloud technologies help them store & process user data.

That’s what the answer to ‘WhatsApp What is It’ sounds like, now it’s time for another question, concerning anonymous registration.

WhatsApp — What is It?

Why Do You Need a Fake WhatsApp Account?

Despite its undeniable effectiveness and usefulness as a messenger, WhatsApp’s security is not perfect. Major data breaches have already shaken the community, and spammers and phishing bots attack users every day.

The security system has always used your phone number, preventing unauthorised access to your account, but it’s the one that will be the first to go to hackers if hacked. This explains why people keep asking: “How to create a fake WhatsApp account?”.

Another reason to sign up this way is that you may need an additional account for business or personal purposes, but you don’t have a second SIM card. Whatever your needs and wants are, the following section will help you.

Why Do You Need a Fake WhatsApp Account?

How to Create Fake WhatsApp Account?

WhatsApp has a simple sign-up procedure that involves you entering your mobile number, confirming it via SMS, entering your name, profile picture & customization details (optional). Afterwards, you can use WhatsApp seamlessly.

If you want a fake WhatsApp account, you won’t provide a real number, otherwise the point is lost. You need a third-party number, obtained without buying a SIM card or going anywhere. SMS-Man can provide such a number.

How to Create a Fake WhatsApp Account Without a Mobile Number?

Virtual phone numbers from SMS-Man allow you to sign up for numerous messengers and apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and more. So you can get a phone number from 150+ countries and receive SMS messages without SIM cards over the internet. This way you can keep your personal details private and create a fake WhatsApp account in just a couple of minutes.

The cost of a virtual number varies from $0.12 to $0.70 depending on the country of the mobile operator and the chosen service. It’s much cheaper than a traditional SIM card, not to mention safer and easier to get. You only need to have a device to visit the SMS-Man website and spend five minutes to buy and use the product.

virtual phone number from sms man

Here’s a guide on how to sign up for a fake WhatsApp account:

  1. Visit, register and log in to your account.
  2. Make a deposit on the “top up my balance” page.
  3. Select one of the countries and “WhatsApp” service, then click “Buy” button.
  4. Copy your new phone number in the “History” section at the bottom of the page.
  5. Open the messenger and start registration by specifying your virtual phone number.
  6. Wait for the SMS to be sent and return to the SMS-Man platform.
  7. Click “Get SMS” next to the order and copy the code.
  8. Use it to complete the registration.

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