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Where to get Getir promo codes

Where to get Getir promo codes

Getir has become popular in a very short time, it is because of its system of discounts and promo codes. Thanks to them, any user can get a significant discount on their purchase, this motivates them to continue using the app.
Getir was founded in Istanbul in 2015. In 2021 the service entered international markets: in January Getir launched in London, in May – in Amsterdam. A Turkish startup offering “ultra-fast” delivery services for groceries and other goods. Getir has since expanded aggressively, doubling the number of orders in the second half of 2021, reaching nearly 2 million in December of that year. The company’s sales were $150 million.
So if you like using Getir, you need to know how your promotions work. Read on to find out how to access them and how much money you’ll save with each one.


Where can I see the discounts that Getir offers?

If you want to see these discounts, you must first install the official Getir app. So make sure that you have downloaded it to your cell phone. After that, you will need to go through the registration process where you will be asked to enter your information.
By providing this information, you will become an authorized Getir user. Now just log in to the app, go to the top section and click on “Offers”. There you can see the currently valid discounts and promo codes.

Some discounts and coupons may be one-time deals. If you want to use a promo code more than once, you can make multiple Getir accounts and reuse promo codes. The question arises, so how do you create multiple accounts if there is only one real number? In that case, you can use a virtual number.

Account with a virtual number

To sign up for services without a number you need to get a virtual number. To do this you need to go to a site that provides services to buy virtual numbers. For example, the site Sms-man. You can get a temporary virtual number of any country and create an account on any service. Go to the site, log in with your mail and fill up your balance. Now you can make a purchase! Go to the main page of the site, choose the country of the number and the service – Getir.
Click the buy button. The registration number will cost 0.23$. You can also get the number for free in the telegram channel.


The number you bought will appear in your purchase history. Enter the number you received to register with Getir. Then ask for a code on the Sms-man website. The code will appear in a minute, enter it into Getir. Congratulations, your registration was successful! You can now use the one-time discount coupon multiple times from different accounts.
You can create an unlimited number of accounts in the services you are interested in with virtual numbers.

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