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How to delete deliveroo account in 2022

How to delete deliveroo

Why you delete Deliveroo account?

No one disputes how convenient it is when food comes to our doorstep and there is no need to go and get it yourself and stand in line while the order is prepared. Nowadays, new apps appear so often that we need to get rid of some of the old ones. And unfortunately this can also apply to Deliveroo. This article will show you how easy it is to delete Deliveroo account.

Deliveroo was founded in 2013. It is a British on-line food delivery corporation . It is used in atop of 200 spots. For instance: France, Hong Kong, Belgium, Ireland, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates .

Although it’s a great user-friendly app, not a few users are looking for ways to uninstall their Deliveroo account. In this article you’ll find as detailed instructions as possible, along with screenshots to make it easier to understand, so you can delete your Deliveroo account in a matter of minutes.

How do I delete my Deliveroo account?

Firstly you should do beforehand deleting your account is to be certain that your Deliveroo plus subscription has either been canceled or expired. If you do have one, and it’s active, it’s recommended you to don’t delete your account at once to avoid burning your paid subscription, but it’s your choice. We just give you a recommendation.

You need to follow the steps below to remove your Deliveroo account, using the Deliveroo website itself.


  1. Go and login to Deliveroo from your web browser.Click the Menu in the top-right corner of the page.delete deliveroo
  2. Click Account.delete deliveroo
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and under “Deactivate your account permanently”, write down your password and click “Continue”.delete deliveroo
  4. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm, read the message carefully and click “Deactivate”.

delete deliveroo

Deactivation of the account takes place immediately. This method is much faster than the aforementioned method of deactivating your Deliveroo account via email.

Once deactivated your account , it cannot be restored. You will need to create a new account in order to use Deliveroo again. Fortunately in this article we will tell you how to create a new account using a virtual phone number.

How to create new Deliveroo new account?

1. Firstly, proceed to and sign up for an account.

SMS-Man register

2. Secondly recharge your accounts balance by the method you trust more and think is most reliable and safe. For instance: Alipay, Qiwi, Tether, Coinbase and e.t.c.

SMS-Man recharge

3. Choose the country which virtual number you want to purchase on the main page.

SMS Man main page

4. On the same page choose Deliveroo service. You can use the search line for more convenience in both cases.

Deliveroo phone number

5. Click on the “BUY” button and get the virtual phone number to use in the registration form.

The phone number for Deliveroo with the given parameters will be automatically added to your personal profile page on SMS-MAN. Also, it will be displayed on the main page of the service. Enter it in the appropriate field when registering in the Deliveroo mobile application. After sending a message with the Deliveroo verification code switch back to and press on “Get SMS”. The appropriate code will appear directly below your virtual cell number. Use it to complete the Deliveroo account creation process.

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