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If you do not agree to any of these terms, you are not allowed to use or access this website. Definition The term "we" or "we" refers to the site owner. Visitors are people who only visit our website but have not yet registered as members. "Member" means an individual who has registered with us to use our services. Our "services" represent the collective functions provided to members through our website. "User" means the collective identifier of the accessor or member. All text, information, graphics, audio, video and data provided through our website are collectively referred to as our "content.". Permission to use It is allowed to download a copy of the materials (information or software) temporarily on our website for personal, non-commercial temporary viewing only. 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You agree not to provide or modify any content found on the website, including but not limited to user name and content name, or in any way recreate, display, perform publicly, distribute or otherwise use this material for any public function, related to non-OUR services or products, which may otherwise cause confusion, demeaning or challenge to consumers, or Its licensors, thereby weakening our or its licensors' residential property, or otherwise infringing our or its licensors' copyrights. You also agree to waive the misuse of any material appearing on . We have no obligation to track any products published, transferred or connected to or connected to this website. If you believe that some content on this website violates these terms, please contact our marked representatives as follows.If the user receives an alert for any product suspected of not complying with these terms, we can investigate the allegation unilaterally and determine whether other measures are to be taken or whether the content is to be deleted or removed. We have no responsibility or obligation for the validity or non performance of such activities by individuals. Electronic communication When you visit the website or email us, you are contacting us electronically. You agree to interact with us online. We will contact you by email or by uploading a notice on the website. You agree that all contract notices, disclosures and other various means of communication we provide to you in digital form, please comply with any legal requirements in writing. 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