Refund Operation Procedure

According to the Refund operation procedure, refunds to the Client are done in the following way: The Client files with the SMS-MAN service a request for a Refund Operation using the support email: [email protected] The request must specify: the refund amount, payment system, details for the transfer of funds, as well as the reason for the refund. SMS-MAN reviews the request within 5 business days. At the same time, the refund period may be extended for reasons beyond the control of SMS-MAN. SMS-MAN is obliged to offer alternative options for the provision of the Service. If this is not possible, then SMS-MAN is obliged to make a refund, within the framework of this document. SMS-MAN service determines the amount of a refund based on the balance of the Client. At the same time, the payment system may deduct a commission for the refund operation. SMS-MAN does the Refund operation based on the method of refund specified in the Client’s request, and if it is not possible to refund the Client’s money according to the selected refund method, the SMS-MAN service offers the Client other ways to do the Refund operation. If the Client's account is blocked for violation of the rules for using the Service, no refund is made.