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Where to buy a virtual Chinese number from $0,05?

Where to buy a virtual Chinese number from $0,05?

On the popular online source Sms-man, you can buy a virtual Chinese phone number for the most well-known online platforms in this country. So, we will help you sign up for QQ, WeChat, Weibo, and many other famous websites easily, quickly, and safely.

The most important advantage of our online store is minimal prices – from only $0,05. And the entire procedure will take no more than 5 minutes. You can get as many accounts as you need on any Chinese platforms at minimum expense.

Buying a virtual Chinese phone number is super easy

Our platform is very user-friendly, so, you are unlikely to face any difficulties or problems even if you have never used such services before.

Everything works automatically without involving any staff, so, you can turn to our source at any convenient moment regardless of a day of a week or time.

How to buy a virtual Chinese phone number at our store?

It is very convenient that you are not required to pass any identity checks. You need just to complete a usual registration procedure and specify your email address. That will allow you to stay absolutely anonymous.

You can pay in dollars, rubles, or cryptocurrency. In addition to payments via varied popular online services, we accept money transfers by bank cards. And our convenient system of payments allows becoming our client from any country.

How to buy a virtual Chinese phone number at our store?

We have created a detailed guide so that you do not encounter any difficulties or problems:

  1. Make your personal account at our store.

Sign up for Sms-man to buy a virtual Chinese phone number

2. Select a convenient payment method and deposit your account.

Make a payment at to buy a virtual Chinese phone number

3. On the home page, choose the correct country.

Select a virtual Chinese phone number at

4. Then, below, find the necessary service. You can see how to do that on the screenshot.

Select for which service to use a virtual Chinese number

5. Now, you can go to your personal cabinet and copy the number you bought. By the way, you can receive your SMS with a code in the same tab.

Copy your virtual Chinese number

6. You can safely enter this disposable number in the registration form on any platform.

Our company offers you to select among mobile operators from more than 250 countries from all over the globe.

Why should you choose a virtual Chinese number from our service?

  • Minimal costs. On our source, verification will cost you from only $0,05.
  • A huge assortment of platforms. We can help you get an account on all Chinese websites without any exceptions.
  • Easy depositing. You can pay via numerous methods, including bank cards and online cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Operators from more than 250 countries. You can choose at your sole discretion to which country your disposable number will be linked.
  • Super quick service. Due to the fact that our source operates in automated mode, our clients receive messages within the shortest term regardless of the time.

To sum up, if you need to activate a profile on any Chinese website at a low cost, Sms-man is exactly what you need!
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