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Upwork com – short review and sign up



Upwork is an American freelance exchange that is very popular among freelancers. The platform is aimed exclusively at the English-speaking audience. And here will be short review about Sign Up in Upwork.

Features of Upwork 2021

As is the case with any other freelance exchange, to start getting acquainted with Upwork, you must sign up. The procedure is quite long, as it requires specifying detailed information about yourself and your professional skills. In addition, you must specify and confirm the phone number here.

Many users do not want to specify a personal number, and they can be understood. But, it does not make sense to buy a SIM card for sign up on Upwork com. It is more expedient to purchase a virtual number in the Sms man service, the cost of which does not exceed 68 cents. Or you can get the number for free in the Telegram channel. We will talk more about sign up below, and now we will briefly get acquainted with the platform.

Initially, Upwork was created for web developers and designers. Over time, the number of specialties has expanded. Now on the exchange job can be found by IT specialists of various directions, marketers, translators, scientists, copywriters, photographers, testers and even people without professional knowledge and skills at all who can perform simple tasks on a computer.

How to find a job on Upwork

To find work on Upwork com, freelancers can submit their applications for vacancies of customers. An important feature of the site – since 2019, freelancers have to pay $ 0.15 to apply. The exchange explains this by the fact that payment motivates performers to apply only for projects in which they are confident, that is, they can perform the assigned tasks with a high level of quality. In addition, reducing the number of applications allows you to focus on a few major projects.

Заработок на Upwork

The exception is applications submitted in response to an invitation from customers – no fee is charged for their submission. However, in order for customers to send an invitation themselves, it is necessary to have a high rating on Upwork. If a user does not submit applications for a long time, his account may be frozen as a result of low activity.

Payment and commissions on Upwork

An important feature of the Upwork com exchange is the hourly payment. That is, the freelancer evaluates the project in the number of hours that he will need to complete the tasks. At the same time, the cost of an hour of work is indicated in his profile. After evaluating the project in hours and concluding the contract, the contractor cannot increase the number of hours. Less often on the exchange, the payment is estimated for the project, in this case, the work is not tied to the clock.

Of course, Upwork provides security to the contractor and the customer. The platform freezes the customer’s funds. When paying for a project, transfers to a freelancer are made in stages, as the work is completed.

The exchange charges commissions for its services. A freelancer pays 2.75% for any financial transactions. In addition, the site reserves a percentage of earnings, the amount of which depends on the cost of the project. If the cost is up to $ 500, the commission is 20%. When the cost is from $ 500 to $ 10,000, the commission is 10%. If the cost exceeds $ 10,000, the commission is 5%.

How much can you earn on Upwork

The main reason why Upwork com is very popular is high prices. For example, performers who do not have a specialty can receive 5-10$ per hour.

The earnings of scientists and developers at the Senior level can be$ 50 per hour or higher. Good lawyers can earn more than$ 100 per hour. Upwork reviews and ratings affect earnings. Therefore, novice freelancers should not count on high earnings.

How to sign up on Upwork com

The registration process for Upwork itself is carried out in this sequence.

1. First of all, you need to specify the postal address and confirm it.

2. Then you need to specify the basic information – name, login, password, country, as well as the purpose of registration.

Регистрация на Upwork

3. Next, you need to specify information about the service that you offer. You can also download information from LinkedIn.

4. On the next page, the exchange will ask you to specify your skills.

5. Then you need to choose your professional level – Junior, Middle or Senior.

6. The next step is to describe your education and work experience.

7. Next, you need to specify the level of English language proficiency, as well as other languages that you speak.

8. Then you need to create a profile title and a brief overview of the service.

Регистрация на Апворк

9. Finally, you need to upload an avatar and specify the location.

10. The last step is to confirm the phone number. To do this, insert the purchased number in the appropriate field, then go to the Sms-man service, copy the code from the SMS and confirm the number on Upwork.

This completes the registration on Upwork com, but you can start working on the exchange only after the profile is approved by the site administration. As a rule, the examination of the questionnaire takes place within a day.


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