Bolt app review: registering without a phone number
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Taxi service Bolt – registration without a phone number


Bolt is a useful application for the Android OS, which allows you to order a cab in big cities of Russia. In a few clicks, a user can call a car with a driver for a trip on the necessary route.

Bolt is an international service, so the application can be used in 30 countries, which is very handy when traveling. It is possible to pay for services in cash and non-cash via the application. As you call for a car, the program displays the location of your expected car.

The Bolt app will be useful not only for passengers but also for cab drivers. Once you register on the service you can get regular orders among the other members of the system. The money for each trip goes straight to the driver’s account in the app, which can be withdrawn through payment systems.

Advantages of the Bolt service:

  • the possibility of ordering a cab around the world;
  • fast car delivery;
  • easy-to-understand interface;
  • several methods of payment;
  • calculation of the cost of the trip before order confirmation;
  • for the driver the possibility of stable earnings.

The main disadvantage of Bolt is obligatory registration with a phone number. For some users, there is a necessity to create several accounts.  This may be due to the blocking of the main profile or the appearance of negative reviews of the driver. Buying another SIM card for 3-4 dollars is not the best option. It is much cheaper to buy a virtual number to register on the Bolt application.

 Bolt - registration without a phone number

Buy a virtual number to register on Bolt

Let’s use the reliable website to buy a virtual number. It offers low prices to buy a phone number for registration on many popular services. In addition to the Bolt application, here you can buy a virtual number for Uber, another popular service for ordering a cab.

You can choose from a large list of countries, to which the mobile operator will be linked. You can recharge your account in rubles, dollars, or cryptocurrency. If something is unclear, you can always contact the support service chat and get a quick response. In general, the service is a step ahead of all similar resources.

To get a virtual number for Bolt:

  1. Go to and pass a simple registration.
  2. Recharge your account in the “Payment” tab.
  3. Choose “Bolt” among the many services on the main page. You can use the search to do this.
  4. Choose one of the numbers from the list on the right and press “Get”. You can choose the price and the country of the mobile operator.
  5. Download Bolt application from Google Play.
  6. When registering, enter the number of the newly bought number (it is saved in the personal cabinet).
  7. A confirmation code will be sent from Bolt, to get it, go back to personal cabinet on and click “Get code”.
  8. The code will appear. Copy it and paste it into the corresponding field in the Bolt application.

That’s it, in 8 easy steps you’ve got a new Bolt account, and now ordering a cab is easy, profitable, and comfortable.

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