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SMS verification of accounts with a virtual number in 2022



Now I will tell you about the sms verification service

Nowadays, the cell phone has become an integral part of our lives and an indispensable assistant in many cases. Until recently it was used only for calling and texting, but with the development of technology its functions have expanded significantly. Also the number of a variety of applications, through which our life has become much easier.

Communicating in social networks, ordering tickets, buying a lot of household goods and food, paying for services in various areas of our daily lives. This and much more has become available thanks to all sorts of applications. As a rule, to take advantage of the numerous services, messengers and trading platforms, it is necessary to register. And in order to register an account, you will need to be verified.

What is account sms verification service?

SMS verification is a confirmation of your personal data by verification code. After you fill out the registration form the service will send an SMS with a code to your phone. In most cases, to register with a service, your e-mail and your mobile number is sufficient. But many people know that with their personal phone number it is not possible to verify an account more than once in the desired service. 

There are different situations in life. For example, many people need to have more than one account in an application in order to conduct business. And others simply don’t want to use a personal number for fear of information leakage. But there is a way out of this situation. Virtual numbers for verification will help.


Virtual numbers: peculiarities of use

Many people are wary of virtual numbers, and some have never heard of them. In fact virtual number is almost a standard phone number with the same code and number set. Virtual systems are not inferior to conventional landline systems in terms of information transmission. The scope of numbers for SMS verification is very wide:

One-time use of the number. Ideal for registration on various Internet sites, messengers, social networks, online stores, cabs, forums, delivery services and much more. Recently, we often hear about information leaks from sites hacked by hackers. Virtual number is a great solution to this problem. Once the SMS verification is over, you can forget about the existence of such a subscriber.

To create a large number of accounts. It is possible to use unlimited quantity of numbers on various sites. It’s much faster and easier to get a virtual number for verification than ordinary mobile numbers. For example, to create a new account you just specify a virtual number, get an SMS and enter the code in the appropriate form. In the end, you become a new user.

For running a business. Many people need to promote their products on numerous websites, place advertisements and announcements in order to do business. For all this it is much preferable to use a virtual SMS verification service.i

To use a regular number, you need a SIM card. Virtual phone numbers do not need one. All you need is the Internet and any device: laptop, tablet, computer or smartphone. And all your personal information is absolutely safe. There is no need to give them when you buy. It does not matter where you are. SMS verification is possible in any place with Internet access.

How to verify an account with a virtual number

There are many companies, offering to verify the number on the Internet. In SMS-Man company you can buy virtual numbers for the most acceptable prices. Here you will have access to the numbers of almost any country in the world to over a thousand different services. Not only that, but SMS verification will take a minimum of your time. To verify your account, you must do the following steps:

1.Go to the registration page and create an account.

2.Sign in the account and fill in the balance by any convenient way on the corresponding tab.

3.After the crediting go to the main page, choose the desired country and service, and then click “buy”.

4.Paste the number you received to the registration form on the chosen platform and click the receive sms button so that the verification code appears.

5.Use the verification code to complete the registration.

As a result, SMS verification of the account with a virtual number is complete.

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