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Sign up new OLX account without phone number in 2022

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A sunny day to all readers. Today let’s take a look at a site for buying and selling all sorts of goods, from furniture to selling an entire company. The site provides its services in 15 countries in Europe and Asia.

Briefly about the history of OLX

The brand was founded in 2006 by French businessmen. The first audience of OLX was India and its residents. Each year the company has expanded its audience by adding new countries. And in 2022 we see 15 countries where this platform is the leader among the similar ones. Clear specialization and verified steps allow the growth and development of such a large company.

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How do I create an OLX account without a phone number?

There could be a big story here on how to register an OLX account without a phone number, but there won’t be one. Registering will only require you to Email, and follow the account confirmation link from the same email. Then you can fill in your profile with your number, which will receive a confirmation of orders. You can enter your number, so you will have access to all messages from the site.

Best service for buy virtual numbers

You can also use a virtual number which you can get from SMS-Man. The goal is very transparent and simple. In the age of high technologies when you can’t be absolutely sure that there are no calls from scammers on your number after registration, you want to protect yourself as much as possible. Using virtual numbers you can remain anonymous to scammers and all kinds of dishonest people.

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First steps on way to buy number

You’ll need an email address to register, which you can use to restore your account in case you lose your password in the future. There is no verification, which makes buying numbers even more attractive.
Topping up your account is available through a variety of methods. Among them, replenishing with a bank card, cryptocurrency or, for example, using Payeer. A wide list of options for funding helps to facilitate the interaction with the site visitors from all over the world.

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Methods to buy number in SMS-MAN

Once you have money on your account, you can start buying numbers. There are several ways to purchase numbers:
1) The first and easiest and cheapest way is disposable (OTP) numbers. Such number is valid for 20 minutes from the moment of purchase, and after receiving an SMS confirmation, it can not be purchased on the site. This method of purchase is suitable for those who want to register a fake account in social networks or sell accounts. You can’t get more than one sms code on this number, which makes it unsuitable for two-factor authentication.

2) Renting a number for a long term is also a popular way. It is very suitable for those who want to have full control over the account, and also have the ability to recover the password in case of loss. It is possible to register an unlimited number of accounts during the rental period.

3) The last method, is an offshoot of the first and is suitable for people who want to automate the purchasing process. With the help of our application you can buy up to 100 numbers at one time, and if you use API requests, the number will increase several times. Prices are taken from OTP numbers. If your account is full, they can give you a permanent discount for some services.

Ending on this article

So, you can verify your account on OLX, which will give you new features and tools. If you can’t wait to try a virtual number, what are you waiting for? Sign up and start diving into a world where you’re not as closely watched as the rest of us.

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