Periscope sign up process using a virtual phone number?
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Periscope sign up process using a virtual phone number?

How to create periscope

The Periscope app is a programme for following other people’s lives online as well as showing your own live broadcasts and in today’s article we are going to show you Periscope sign up process using a virtual phone number!

Twitter recently announced a new project called Periscope. Periscope, in the classic sense, is a device for watching from a hiding place. It uses mirror systems to show what cannot be seen with simple eyesight (Wikipedia). This idea was taken for a new app from Twitter Corporation.

Not surprisingly, it has become very popular with celebrities, TV presenters and stars. Now everyone can ‘see the world from a different perspective’ if they wish.

The system is available on all popular modern devices: iOS, Android, Windows Phone. In order to download the program, you need to go to the app shop on your device, type “Periscope” in the search box, click download and follow the standard installation procedure. You can get it absolutely free of charge.

Let’s try Periscope sign up without phone number

To use the Periscope app, you must log in. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Through your Twitter account. This is the most convenient option for obvious reasons, as it is a Twitter service.

If you have trouble with registration, I can advise you to read an article entirely devoted to this social network.

  1. Through your telephone number. This method is inconvenient because you have to enter a confirmation code from an SMS each time you sign in to the application.

In our case we will use registration via phone number. With help of SMS-MAN you can sign up with virtual phone number in Periscope. I will show you simple step-by-step instruction to teach you how to create periscope account and make it active.

1. First of all you need to create an account a our website

SMS-Man register

2. Add money to  your balance with help of payment methods which are shown in the page. Recommend you to use the one which you trust more. 

SMS-Man recharge

3. After that go to the main page of our website and select the country from the country list. Remember that the price will vary from the country you select. (We recommend to use UK, Latvia, Netherlands for Periscope)


4. Under the country list you can find service list. In the search bar type “Periscope” to find it. 


5. Click the “BUY” button to purchase a virtual phone number for Periscope.


7. Once you get the number, copy it and click the “GET SMS” button when you will need to get the verification code.

That’s all with the purchasing virtual number for Periscope. You can do the same process to purchase numbers for other services too. For instance: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and e.t.c

Some words about VPN service for you

But before you make Periscope account I want to tell you about VPN – VPN. I recommend it more than once for the some reasons:

  1. Speed. this is the most important thing in a VPN service. many free services can’t boast about it but in this VPN the speed is top notch!
  2. A lot of servers. you can access a huge number of servers all over the world. on the servers of many countries you can choose a specific city you are interested in, which is very cool.
  3. Support. still i want to remind you that service is the most important thing. always helps its customers. you don’t have to wait very long – support responds instantly and helps you with problems related to VPN problem.

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