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Italian phone number to receive text messages

italian phone number

Italian phone number brings to the table many advantages for people that own them. It can be used to register multiple profiles on social media sites and instant messengers. At the same time, it is a useful tool for those who want to browse websites that require users to verify their own cell numbers without revealing your real identity. But those are not the only advantages, there are much more. In this article, we will discuss other options for using such a feature, as well as how to get it on SMS-Man.

What is an Italian phone number for completing SMS verification online?

The demand for mobile numbers that give an opportunity to receive SMS online appeared right after all the trendy social network websites, huge online stores and other internet platforms began to use a new method of user identification. To be more precise, it happened when, instead of receiving a confirmation code to an email address, users were required to verify their identity by receiving verification codes to their cell numbers. Such a tool as an Italian phone number is useful for dealing with a lot of issues. You can use it to:

  • Sign up for a new account if an old one was lost or stolen;
  • Register on a platform that does not support certain countries;
  • Remain anonymous while using all kinds of websites and apps.

For this reason, there are appeared services that provide VoIP mobile numbers as well as Italy phone number. It is not necessary to buy a SIM card and even to have a mobile phone. Check below to see how to get it with SMS-Man.

How to receive an SMS with an Italy phone number?

Dealing with this task is not a difficult task. This is relevant even for those who just found out that there is such a thing as mobile numbers for bypassing verification. The whole process takes just a few not difficult steps to complete. It is designed to be a user-friendly feature. Here is a detailed instruction on how to obtain an Italy virtual phone number to register on various sites and applications within a few minutes:

1. Open website.

main page

2. Press on the «Sign up» button that is placed in the top right corner and create an account.


3. Go to the homepage of the platform and pick Italy from the tab with countries.


4. On the list of apps select the service to receive SMS from.


5. Hit the «Buy» button to receive Italy virtual number that is configured for signing up on the chosen app.

get sms

You are almost there. Now enter obtained phone number on desired website or app sign up page as it was a real number and sent a verification text message to it. After that go back to SMS-Man and find there the «Get SMS» button that is placed next to your virtual Italian mobile number. As a result of clicking it there will appear the code. Use it to create or verify an already existing account.

The way to bypass OTP with phone numbers from other countries

Italian mobile number is not the only option that users can find on SMS-Man. Our platform also gives an opportunity to obtain virtual numbers from all the existing countries all over the world. In addition, the platform works automatically twenty-four hours a day so it is suitable for solving issues at any time of the day.
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Italian phone number to receive SMS
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