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How to watch TikTok anonymously in 2023

How to watch TikTok anonymously

TikTok is a mobile application with over 2 billion users in more than 180 countries. The app allows you to make, edit, share, and watch short videos of various genres from 15 to 60 seconds. Tiktok was developed and launched by the Chinese corporation ByteDance in 2018 as an international version of the popular local platform Douyin. Thanks to some added functionality to the original app, TikTok has become a number one global platform to overcome its closest competitors Likee and in less than 2 years.

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To become a user of the app, you need to confirm a phone number via SMS. But what if you want to create a TikTok private account or even manage multiple accounts at the same time? How can you do that? For this purpose, you can use virtual phone numbers service allowing you to keep anonymous on the web.

In this article, we will provide you with some important TikTok features and benefits. Furthermore, you will learn why the app asks for a phone number to finalize the registration process as well as guiding you through SMS-man’s get virtual numbers’ services. But first let’s figure out how TikTok managed to gain popularity so rapidly.


TikTok Main Features and Advantages

What makes TikTok so special compared to other social media platforms? It seems to stand out mostly thanks to its focus on content generation and optimization rather than connections between users, as on Facebook or Twitter.

To encourage users to produce more videos, TikTok developed a simple and user-friendly interface that perfectly meets people’s needs.

The best thing about the platform is that becoming popular on TikTok doesn’t take too much time and effort. But it’s more of a matter of luck since it’s difficult to predict what video will go viral next and gain millions of views in a day or so.

Tik Tok app

The main functionality of the app includes:

  • Recording short videos from 15 to 60 seconds;
  • Adding hilarious masks, effects, and text pieces;
  • Editing voice and adding sound effects;
  • Overlaying music to videos without copyright;
  • Promoting content by attracting new subscribers;
  • Commenting other users’ content and making collaborations with them;
  • Making live streams to establish closer contact with your audience.

TikTok also provides huge opportunities for brand marketing: by making short videos, companies can groTiktok appw a community of loyal customers in a funny, creative, and unobtrusive manner.

Now, when we’ve learnt about key TikTok opportunities, let’s move to some aspects of anonymity on the platform. Why does the app ask for a phone number to confirm account creation? How can you bypass this platform’s requirements to be kept from being recorded? What about live streams on TikTok: can you watch tiktok live anonymously?

Why does TikTok require a phone number for registration?

As for live streams on TikTok, creating an account is optional since you can watch it just using a browser (without an account). But you can also create a new account on the platform and change the settings to “No Display Name’’. After that, TikTok will automatically change the view mode and you will be able to watch videos without anyone knowing it. But If you want to become a TikTok contributor and author of content, you need to register a full-fledged account providing a phone number.

Phone number for tiktok

There are a variety of reasons why phone number is needed to get verified on TikTok, counting:

  • With your phone number, TikTok can show personalized ads based on your activity outside of TikTok;
  • Adding your phone number allows you to increase the security of your account. Thus, you can make your profile more secure by enabling two-step verification;
  • Phone number verification is also needed to ensure that you are a real person and not a bot;
  • The last reason is to synchronize displayed content and recommendations with your contact book.

Can you be sure that the platform ensures the relevant level of user data security so you could provide it with your personal data without second thinking? It isn’t that simple with TikTok.

In December 2019, TikTok was accused of illegally collecting unique data from mobile devices, which allows the application to track users on the Internet, while bypassing the Android OS privacy policy. Due to this accusation, the platform was banned in some countries, including the USA, India, Hongkong, Bangladesh, and others. However, good news is that someone can watch TikTok anonymously without personal data — by using a virtual number. In addition, since you use virtual numbers to register, you can manage multiple TikTok accounts at the same time.

How to make an anonymous TikTok account with SMS-man

Virtual phone numbers technology is a safe and cheap way to maintain your anonymity on the web. Similar to regular SIM-cards, it allows you to get a confirmation code in a few steps.

SMS-man is one of the well-known services offering virtual numbers for registrations. The site offers phone numbers from 150 different countries, allowing you to register an anonymous account on almost any platform.

virtual phone number for tik tok

Step-by-step instructions to get a virtual number for an anonymous TikTok account:

  1. Register at by confirming your e-mail or use instant registration via Facebook, Twitter, Google;
  2. Log in to your account and refill your balance in any convenient way by going to the payment page from the menu on the left;
  3. After the funds are credited, go back to the main page to select the country and the “TikTok” service. Then click on the button “buy”;
  4. After this, the virtual phone number will be automatically added to the “History” section on the main page;
  5. Use the received phone number during the registration process and wait for the code to be sent to it;
  6. Go back to SMS-man and click “get SMS” to get the verification code;
  7. Use the verification code to complete the registration.

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