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How to use SNKRS app via bots?



Our guide about SNKRS App Bots and Limited Edition Nike Sneaker drops are for newbie Sneakerheads that want a general overview of how people are obtaining and reselling limited edition sneakers from SNKRS App and limited edition drops from Nike.

Do you want to know how you can buy limited edition Nike shoes that you can later resell for huge profits? Or is there a limited edition Nike sneaker that you simply need to have but don’t want to buy it from a reseller at high costs? Then you need to learn what “SneakerBots” or “Nike Bots” are all about.

The Sneaker Re-Sell Market is estimated to hit $6 billion by 2025. Did you know that Nike is estimated to be 90% of that market? Wow! Talk about pure dominance.

Did you know that Nike regularly drops their limited edition Nike sneakers to their customers through the Air SNKRS program? Theoretically speaking you only need to know how to game the program to take advantage of the offers provided in your region. There’s already many sneakerheads out there doing just that. There are many sneakerheads already doing it by creating hundreds of Nike accounts and using software (aka Nike Bots) to control these accounts. In this guide, we will show you how these sneakerheads are using Nike bots to take advantage of the Nike drops to get sneakers that you can later resell and make huge profits.

So What Exactly is SNKRS App or SNEAKRS?

You’ve probably seen the terms SNKRS or SNEAKRS thrown around whenever there is a super-hyped up limited edition Nike release. You’ll see either the terms SNKRS or SNEAKRS depending on whether you’re in the US or EU. The phrase SNKRS refers to a subdivision within Nike that is dedicated to dropping hyped shoes from Nike and marketing directly towards sneakerheads that want limited edition kicks.

How Do I Buy Sneakers on the SNKRS App?

Originally, SNKRS was released as a mobile-only app but there is now a desktop version that you can easily accessible from your computer’s browser.

To buy sneakers on SNKRS, you’ll first need to create a Nike account and verify the Nike account using a SMS verification code that is sent to your mobile phone.

How to Create a Nike Account for SNKRS


  1. If you are in the US, start by going to
    If you are in the EU
  2. The next step is to create a Nike account and get the Nike account verified with a mobile phone number.
  3. You’ll then be required to enter your billing address and payment details so that you can make quick purchases through your account.

Your mobile phone number will be linked to the Nike account after it is verified. You cannot use the same mobile number on another account or it will un-verify the first account. An unverified account cannot be used to buy anything on SNKRS unless it is verified again.

What Types of Drops Does Nike Regularly Provide?

Nike usually sends out a warning before it drops a new sneakers product.

There are three types of Nike sneakers release types namely:

  • FCFS – First-come-first-served (FCFS) release is just like it sounds. Nike releases the shoe for sale, and whoever is able to add the product to your cart and checkout first gets the product. The faster you get to the product page and check out, the better your chances of getting that latest drop.
  • LEO – This is basically a combination of a raffle and first-come-first-served chances. Timing is still important in a LEO drop because you need to complete the purchase as quickly as possible just like you do in FCFS. The LEO drop also involves a raffle so if you can get your entries in fast you will get that W but keep in mind Nike will choose the winners randomly. For example, if 200 people enter the selected shoe size in the first 10 seconds and the company has just 100 pairs in stock they randomly pick 100 entries from the 200.
  • DAN – This is quite different from other types of Nike releases. The DAN drop will give you half an hour to complete your purchase without a hurry but keep in mind that it is a raffle. It only takes 30 minutes to enter the raffle and around 10 to 30 minutes to know if you have one or not

What You Need to Game SNKRS App

Now that you know what SNKRS is and what it does, let’s now look at how current sneakerheads are gaming the system to their advantage.

It is also worth pointing out that you need to have a solid foundation if you intend to game more than one pair of sneakers that you can later resell or even to get that special pair for yourself. Some people have made a lot of money selling these shoes on StockX, so you never know.

Setting up Multiple Verified Nike Accounts

Nike SMS Verification Methods

Again, everything stated here is strictly for informational purposes only. We discuss the current methods that sneakerheads are utilizing to obtain the latest Nike drops using “Nike Bots”.

After the sneakerheads have created those email accounts, their next step is to obtain verification for the Nike accounts. As earlier stated, every Nike account needs to be verified through an SMS verification with a unique mobile phone number.

All in all, sneakerheads would advise you to go for premium USA and UK real SIM mobile phone numbers rather than waste money on cheaper Chinese or virtual phone numbers that may not last beyond one drop before they are filtered out by Nike. The motto goes “Remember the more entries you have on Nike raffles, the higher your chances of winning”.

There are people with a hundred or so Nike Bots. It’s a battle to see who can win the Nike drop, and the chances are so low each time. You never know what size will be left, you never know what color will be remaining. You just need to hope for the best and luck of the draw. That’s why successful sneakerheads have multiple raffle entries.

What is a SNKRS App Bot?

Once a sneakerhead has a verified Nike account, the next step is to put those Nike verified accounts to work for you.

To enter the Nike drops multiple times at once using multiple Nike accounts, you need software to do it automatically for you. This type of software is typically referred to as SNKRS App Bots or Sneaker Bots or just plain “Nike bots“.

Again, I urge you to review Nike’s terms of service prior to doing anything of this sort, to ensure you aren’t violating any terms of service.

Once properly configured, the SNKRS App Bots basically does the entire process for you. Everything from automatically logging into your multiple Nike accounts, to putting the specific Nike drop that you want into the cart, then entering payment details such as your billing address and payment information to checkout.

The SNKRS App Bots will be ready, you just have to tell it which Nike release you are interested in. There are many sneaker bots out there, but they essentially have the same function. Some even come with extra features and many bells & whistles, but they all help you to do one thing, which is to win during Nike drops. You do need to have some tech background, but most are quite easy to use and work just like any other program you have on your computer.  They work well and are often updated regularly for optimal performance.

Here are a few examples that we have previously used to cook Nike drops in the past:

  • Ghost AIO

The bot is available at and runs on both Mac and Windows operating systems. The bot comes with a built-in Chinese Account Creator that allows you to reverify your account on Nike automatically using a Chinese number.

  • Snkrmoji

The bot is available at and supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. It also comes with a Chinese Account Creator and allows you to check for exclusive drops.

  • Better Nike Bot (BNB)

You can access the BNB bot at It is a Windows only normal program that has been around longer than the rest of the abovementioned bots. It does not have a fancy User Interface like the others but its core features are constantly updated. It also comes with extra features such as a Verified Account Checker, Access Checker, In-Built Chinese Account Creator, and Order Checker. BNB works on both SNKRS and the normal Nike store.

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