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How to uninstall Discord permanently in 2021


Where is Discord Installed?

Before full uninstalling of any app you must know where it is installed as we need to delete it from everywhere. Most of all applications in Windows are installed in C drive.

The exact location or path of Discord is C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Discord

What happens if you Uninstall Discord?

Uninstall Discord means remove the application from your PC or phone, but not your account. It means your account will be available from any other Discord app.

The main cause behind uninstalling any app to fix any kind of issue. But if you are planning to switch to any other application and want to quit Discord you need to delete your account.

How to Uninstall Discord Completely on Mac

Mac users can also fully uninstall Discord by following the below instructions.

First, you need to quit Discord which can be done by clicking on the discord icon from the left top menu and then choose Quit.  You can also quit by right-clicking on the discord icon from the bottom taskbar.


Click on the Finder from the dock and choose Application. Find discord in the application, right-click on it and choose Move to trash.

Now moving discord in the trash just uninstalled the app, but did not delete all the discord files. So here we need to remove discord files from the entire system.

  • From the menu bar, select Go and then click on “Go to folder”. In “go to folder” type ~/Library and click go.
  • Now look for all the discord and related files, right-click on it and choose Move to trash.
  • Do the same for other files.

How to Uninstall Discord Completely on Windows 10 or Windows 11

Let’s manually uninstall Discord. Go to Windows app “Install\Uninstall apps” and find Discord in list. windows-delete

Click 3 dots in right to app size and choose “Delete”. You will get warning that deletion will cause losing of app, but it is what we exactly need.

In fact that’s all. But what to do with account after deletion? Let’s find out.


How to delete Discord account?

It is easy even if you have already deleted app from your phone or PC. Let’s log in our account from browser and find out what to do. You will see something like that. discord-main

Click “Settings” icon near to your name and you’ll see Account Settings. account-discord

If you will scroll down this page, you’ll see 2 buttons: disable account or delete account. Choose on your own, but I recommend deletion.

How to save your data in privacy?

If you decided to delete account to save your personal data, we can offer you opportunity to make account without your personal data at all!

While you sign up in Discord, you have to enter your phone number and e-mail. Of course it is not prevented of data leak. Why can’t you use fake data? I won’t tell you in details, you can find all info in our blog, we told about Discord and e-mails. Use SMS-Man and stay safe in the Internet!
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