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How to sign up in Venmo?


Venmo is a popular American payment application owned by Paypal. Users of the Venmo mobile application can easily send and receive instant money transfers. In this article I will tell you how to sign up in Venmo

Initially, the service was created for a convenient refund between friends and colleagues of money for coffee, lunch, a party, buying tickets and other small things. You can issue an invoice to any of your friends who also use this payment system.

Today, Venmo enjoys staggering popularity in the United States, the total amount of transfers through the application this year amounted to $ 62 billion. But there are also Americans who are skeptical about Venmo, believing that the application makes people petty.

For example, you didn’t have any cash with you, and a friend treated you to a hamburger. After an hour, you will receive an invoice from him in the application up to a cent.

Venmo Payment Service: how to register and use

What do I need to sign up in Venmo?

To register in the payment system, you will need an American mobile phone number. The site has the function of creating an account using a facebook account, but after confirming the transfer of personal data, the system will still ask you to enter the US mobile phone number. Therefore, registration in Venmo in Russia, as well as using the application, becomes difficult if you do not know certain tricks.

This problem can be easily solved if you use a virtual phone number for Venmo when registering. It is to him that an SMS with an activation code will be sent, which will allow you to create a Venmo account in Russia.

Buy a virtual phone number for Venmo

Using a virtual number makes it possible to create a Venmo account in any country of the world. – one of the reliable and inexpensive resources where you can buy a virtual number for registration in Venmo for 20 rubles.

The main advantage of the Sms-man service is the availability of mobile operators from the USA. You will register with an American phone number, which is required by the Venmo payment system.

Sign up in Venmo in few minutes

Venmo registration in Russia (step-by-step instructions):

1. Go to the website and register.

2. Top up your account in rubles, dollars or cryptocurrency.

3. Open the main page of the site and click on the “Select service” button.

4.Enter the name “Venmo” in the search for a virtual number for venmo

5. Select one of the numbers and click ” Get ” (it is better to choose a mobile operator from the USA).

6. Open the website or download the app for your device. We will register through the website.

7. On the main page, click on the “Sign Up Now” button.

8. Scroll down the next page and click the “Next” button.

9. In the registration field, we write the first and last name, email, and in the “Phone” column, enter the phone number that you just purchased. Click “Sign Up”.

10. We return to the site and click on the “Get SMS” button.

11. Copy the code that appears and paste it into the registration field on

Now we just need to register the bank details and the payment system is ready for use. In this simple way, we managed to create a Venmo account in Russia without having a SIM card.

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