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How to sign up for Grubhub without a phone number

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Grubhub, Wolt, Foodora: there are a lot of different food delivery services on the internet right now. It is surely not a bad trend. You can use any of those services to order and get some food anywhere in minutes. Moreover, they usually offer good deals that allow for saving some money. But sometimes it appears to be impossible to take advantage of those offers. At this moment almost every app of that kind requires verifying a phone number. In this article, we will elaborate on how to sign up for Grubhub without a phone number.

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Grubhub was founded way back in 2004. During its development, since 2019, it has reached nearly 20 million active users. As for associated restaurants, their number has exceeded 150.000. But even though it is really big, there are many those who didn’t ever hear about this platform. This is especially relevant for citizens of the EU and Asia. The thing is that this company operates exclusively in the US. You can register a Grubhub account from anywhere else, however, it will less likely bring any use. So, basically, this service is available only for those who live in the US. It works in more than 3200 local cities across all the states. Keep this in mind before proceeding to registration.

How to register a new Grubhub account without a phone number?

Using a mobile phone number is not mandatory when signing up for an account on this delivery food service. You can do this with an email address as well as a profile on Amazon, Facebook, or Gmail. But it will be not a fully operable account. Ordering food is not possible for an unverified account. There is also no way to use any special offers, discounts, and bonuses with such an account. This is very simple to verify a profile on this platform without using your own mobile number though. Just get a temporary phone number in the following way:

1. Complete a simple registration on There is no need to provide any sort of special data — only an email address.

2. Find a suitable payment method on the relevant tab and add credits to your balance with it.

3. Select the US on the main page from the list with other countries. It means that your temporary phone number for Grubhub will be issued in this country which is the best choice in that case.

4. Use the search field down the page to find Grubhub.

5. Purchase a temporary number and use it for verification as you would use a regular phone number.

You will be ready to use all features of the service once finish the last step. There is nothing difficult about the whole process, is there? Moreover, such a tool as a temporary phone number allows registering multiple accounts too. This might be useful if there is a good discount for new users. Some people prefer to use it multiple times with different profiles.

How to sign up for Grubhub multiple times?

You know how to make a single account now. Making several of them is not difficult either. You just need to keep getting and using new temporary numbers. One number can be used to verify only one account. So you need to get as many numbers as many accounts you are going to register with them. There are no limitations from our side in this regard. Any user is able to sign up for Grubhub without phone numbers this way literally unlimited times.

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