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How to register on Odnoklassniki without phone

Odnoklassniki is the third most popular social network in Russia. It was originally created for finding school friends, colleagues, classmates, and other acquaintances.

But, nowadays, many people treat it as a tool for promoting businesses. And, to successfully use this network for such purposes, one needs many personal accounts. That is the main reason why so many users are interested in the question: “How to sign up OK without phone number?”. Besides, some users just prefer to avoid sharing their personal information on the Internet in any way.

So, in this article, we will discuss all the possible options to get Odnoklassniki without phone number.

Using a free virtual number to create Odnoklassniki without phone

On the Internet, you can find websites offering free virtual numbers for receiving SMS. You can use them to register on OK without mobile number for free. The only problem is that, in most cases, such numbers are already linked to existing profiles, so you will not have the opportunity to use them for creating any more pages. And, in the end, someone will inevitably try to get an extremely bloated fee from you.

Even worse, there is a risk that you will get on a scam website where cybercriminals will try to steal your personal data. So, I recommend choosing the method described below. In my opinion, it is the most effective and safe option.

Buying a virtual number for Odnoklassniki sign up without phone number

You can buy such a virtual number at a low price. And you can be sure that you can successfully use it to create Odnoklassniki without phone number.

At you can buy a virtual number for this social network from 3.8 rubles. There are different prices: 6 rubles, 8 rubles, and so on. The price will depend on the country to which the operator is linked. Besides low prices, I like that this website is very user-friendly ― it takes no more than 5 minutes to get a suitable virtual number.

How to get an Odnoklassniki account without phone number (the step by step instructions):

  1. Open and click on “Register”.
  2. Go to and complete the quick registration.

  1. Type “OK” in the search bar on the main page and click on the suitable icon. See the prices offered.

  1. Go to the menu, choose the item “Payment” (in the upper corner of the screen) and deposit the necessary amount in any convenient way.

  1. Go back to the main page, choose the necessary number, and confirm receiving it.

  1. Enter it when registering in the social network and press “Next”.
  2. In the next box, click on “Get the code via SMS”.
  3. Go to the website and open “Request history”.

  1. Press “Get SMS”, and the activation code will appear in the column “SMS”.
  2. Enter it in the sign-up form and confirm.
  3. All done. From now on, you have a full-fledged Odnoklassniki account without phone number.

So, you know about all the available methods to register in this social network without SIM. By the way, using the website, you can also create a profile for Twitter, Vkontakte, Instagram, and other popular sources.
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