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How to recover Snapchat account in 2023

how to recover Snapchat account

Snapchat is an online service for communicating with people around the world in different ways. You can use it to chat and call your friends or relatives. But most often users of this service, which are mostly adults, use it to send pictures or their photos as well as to make video calls to each other. This is a really great option for those who love talking face-to-face instead of chatting. Thus, losing access to a personal profile on that app may bring to life some difficulties. Check out our article to understand how to recover Snapchat account in various situations.

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What should I do if I forgot my password?

Forgetting or losing your password is the most frequent cause of losing access to the account on any website or app. This is also relevant for users of Snapchat. However, even if it appears on the surface to be a big issue, there is nothing much to do to solve it. To perform Snapchat account recovery in that way, it is only necessary to reset the old password and after that make a new one. Once done, the profile will become available for use again. The steps are also simple. You can see them below:

1. Download and install the official app of the service if it was deleted.

2. Open it and click on “Forgot password?”.

3. Explore available recovery options. You can choose between methods that involve using either an email address or a mobile phone number. Select a suitable one and proceed further.

4. Provide requested data.

5. Request recovery link.

The link will come in a text message to entered email address or mobile number. Following it will bring you to the page for changing your password. So, open this link and recover your account within a few clicks.

How to recover Snapchat account knowing no nickname and email?

Being unavailable to enter the correct password is not the biggest problem. Sometimes those who would like to access their profile don’t remember way more related data such as a nickname and email address. This occurs especially often with accounts that were not used for a very long time. It is more difficult to recover Snapchat profile in this case. But still possible.

If it is about forgetting only your nickname, then you can restore the account by putting the email address linked to it on the appropriate tab for recovery and following the given instructions. There is even no need for a password. If it is about forgetting both a nickname and email address, then the recovery process is getting more complicated. Going through it to receive Snapchat recovery code will probably take some time without a guarantee of success. You need to open the app and enter all possible email addresses until one of them will be accepted as correct. Entering the wrong email address will end up receiving an appropriate error message. Thus, it is easy to understand how it goes.

Don’t worry if none of the preceding methods worked. There is still a way to get access to the app. You can always purchase a temporary phone number for Snapchat with our platform and sign up for a new profile.

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How to improve security of account to avoid such cases in the future?

Not dealing with recovery issues is always better than searching for ways to restore a profile. Thereby, it is recommended to take care of your safety right when signing up for an account. This will help to avoid most of the possible issues in the future. Just follow the next simple steps below that will ensure that you will always have access to your profile:

1. Link and verify mobile phone number and email address. If the account is already registered, verify that it is confirmed in its settings. Don’t forget to maintain all the data current as well so you will always be able to receive Snapchat code for recovery.

2. Turn on two-step verification which is a useful tool for keeping your profile secure. Doing this will dramatically lower the likelihood of account hacking by crooks.

3. Create a secure password. It is less likely to be hacked the more intricate it is. Include in it special symbols, numerals, and a mix of capital and lowercase letters. You can also use specialized software to generate a strong password for you.

Using a temporary phone number to register is a good idea to worry less about how to recover Snapchat account too. Despite the fact that this feature considerably increases profile security and privacy, it does not yet enjoy widespread user acceptance. You can sign up for any social network, create or verify an account from anywhere in the world, and get a lot of additional advantages at a low cost by using it.
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