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How to recover blocked account on Telegram in 2022

How to get unblocked

If you get an error when logging into the Telegram messenger, your number is probably blocked. Sometimes this problem occurs when trying to register, which causes bewilderment on the part of frustrated users. After all, they have not done anything, but the service still does not allow them to create an account. Today we will tell you why your phone number can be blocked and how unblocked on Telegram.

Reasons for blocking a number in Telegram

Only those numbers that are already registered in the messenger are blocked for committing actions contrary to the security policy. Such a problem may arise not only for users from Russia, but also from any other country. There are only three reasons why a phone may end up in a ban:

– You are already registered in Telegram and have committed actions that the messenger administration does not like. When registering in the service, a new user agrees to the rules of conduct established here. If you violate them, it is logical that Telegram will block your account.

– You have never registered in the messenger and are trying to create a profile, but the service does not allow you to enter. The most likely reason for blocking the number is the behavior of its previous owner. Most likely, a Telegram account has already been tethered to this phone and the cellular operator has reflashed the SIM. Everyone has probably heard stories about how, after buying a SIM card, people started getting calls from banks or collection agencies demanding to pay back debts. The same happens in our case, only the new user has to pay for the dishonest actions of the previous number owner.

The main advantage of the messenger is the complete security of users’ personal data and the conversations they have. This requires not only strong encryption of information, but also strict tracking of actions that violate the peace of other account holders. But in order for a person’s contact to be sent to a ban, he needs to seriously violate the rules of conduct in the service.

How unblocked on Telegram

How do you know if you have been blocked in Telegram? The first and most important sign – the inability to log into your profile. If you have been blocked by individual users, you will be able to open your account. Only, it will be impossible to send a message to the person or write in the group, if they have blacklisted you. You will not receive a separate notification about this in the messenger.

First of all, try to understand why exactly you were sent to the blacklist, and then contact technical support. You need to find out how long it will take to remove the blocking and whether it is possible to speed up the process. Step-by-step instructions for contacting the service administration:

  • Open your profile settings.
  • Click on the “Ask a question” link.
  • A bot will open in which you need to write an appeal. To do this, click “Run” and select the subject of your message from those offered. In our case, click on “I want to report a problem”, then “Report a problem with the account”.
  • Choose other options and follow the redirect link to the project volunteers, who will try to answer your question. But they will not help in this situation, so it is necessary to ask for help from the Telegram administration. Inform them that you want to contact the messenger representatives to unblock the profile.
  • Wait for an answer. Due to the heavy workload, the message from the admins may come only after a long time. This is said by many users of the service.

New account without a number

The easiest way to gain access to the service is to make the profile to another number, because you will have to wait a long time for a response from the tech support. If you do not have an additional number, you can use services that sell disposable virtual numbers. On Sms-man site you can buy virtual number for $0.2 for a new account. Learn more about getting a number in this video. Also you can get number for free in Telegram channel.



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