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How to Make a Fake TikTok Account in 2023

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TikTok is a well-known app for posting and sharing short videos. Even though initially this online service was launched on market in China, it has become very popular among not only Chinese but also users from all over the world. However, in certain cases, its basic features might not be enough. Due to different reasons, some people would like to create a fake TikTok account to perform different actions on the platform. Would like to do the same? The answer on how it is possible is in this article.

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What is a fake account?

When it comes to this question there is no difference between online services. On any of them, a fake account is a profile that hides the real identity of a user and helps to pretend to be another person. This also applies to TikTok. Most often people decide to create fake TikTok account in order to either spy on someone or pretend to be a popular person. There also could be some other reasons but those are the most relevant at the moment.

It is not really difficult to register a fake account. You just need to set up a fake username, name, surname as well as other credentials and put a random photo or image as a profile picture. But when signing up for a fake TikTok account there is one more thing to remember about. You need to do this with a fake phone number. Such a number helps to preserve more confidentiality and cannot be used to disclose the identity of its owner not only by regular users but also platform itself. Moreover, most often fake profile is created after the main account so it is necessary to have another mobile phone number to pass verification and a fake number is a great choice.

Obtain a fake phone number for TikTok

To use a fake number it is necessary to get one first. There are a lot of online services on the web that offer such an option and SMS-Man is on the list of them as well. Using this platform is not only simple and convenient but also cost-effective. For example, it provides the opportunity to obtain a fake phone number for TikTok from India at $0.20. Fake numbers issued in other countries are also quite cheap. So everyone can afford to use its solutions and this is how the first part of the process goes:

1. Sign up for a profile at

2. Find the payment tab on the website, proceed to it and refill your balance using one of a few methods from those available.

3. Open the start page of the service once again and select the country of the cellular carrier.

4. Move on to supported websites and applications and choose TikTok.

5. Buy a fake number.

You can find the bought fake phone number at top of the homepage as well as in your personal cabinet on the platform. There is no need to do anything with it. It can be used for the appropriate purpose right away.

Sign up for a fake TikTok account with a fake number

Making use of a fake number is not really different from making use of a regular phone number. It works in the same way. However, since the verification code will arrive on the website, here is a short guide on how to make a fake TikTok account with the help of a fake phone number in order to make sure that you are doing everything right:

1. Copy obtained fake number.

2. Enter it on TikTok sign-up form.

3. Press the “Get SMS” button at SMS-Man to see the verification code.

4. Complete registration with the received code.

This is how it works. You can operate fake mobile numbers to sign up for literally unlimited fake TikTok accounts as there are no limitations on how many of them each user can get and activate. It is completely fine to go that way.

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