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How to get unblocked on Telegram in 2023

How to get unblocked on Telegram in 2022

Thousands of people are getting blocked on Telegram every day. This is pretty common issue for users of this instant messaging service. Once it happens, they lose access to all their chats, groups and channels which is difficult to call nice situation. Most often people decide to create new Telegram account and that’s right. Unfortunately, there is no way to restore profile if it was blocked. But on the other hand, service blocks accounts along with phone numbers linked to them. So, what can be done in this case? Read our article to find out.

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Telegram account banned: possible reasons

Every online service has its own rules. Telegram does have them too. Going against them may result in the suspension of an account that belongs to any person whether it is a regular person or a famous star. Of course, there are also some most popular reasons for getting banned. Below is the list of why people usually get block on Telegram:

  • Sending text messages to new users without being mutual contacts. Most often it leads to the user filling out a complaint on the sender. The security system of service considers such messages as spam and blocks the sender.
  • Sending promotional messages. Even if those messages don’t contain any links, it is still spam. However, if there are any links, there is even no need for a complaint. Such messages are detected automatically and lead to an immediate block.
  • Publishing prohibited content. Running even a closed group or channel doesn’t mean that it is allowed to post in them whatever you want. This is still a violation of rules and blockage is inevitable.

Your account also can be blocked for performing fraudulent activities, using profanity, or insulting other users. There are numerous reasons. But the most important thing is that they all lead to situations when it is impossible to unblock Telegram account under any circumstances. Moreover, as we said before, mobile phone number bound to it is also getting banned. It cannot be used for registration again. Here comes such a solution as temporary numbers.

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How to create a new Telegram account with a temporary number?

Temporary phone numbers are an awesome choice for those who got banned but want to keep using the platform. You can get them via the internet without going anywhere. They are also not getting connected to their users in any way. So, when using them, there is no chance that Telegram will suspect something and prohibit registration. Here is what to do to establish a new Telegram account with their help:

1. Proceed to the website and perform registration.

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Check out the prices on the home page and then top up your account using a suitable payment method from those that are available on the relevant tab.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

3. Get back to the home page after recharge. Now it’s time to configure settings for a temporary number. Firstly, choose the country where it will be issued. Then use the search feature and find Telegram.

Choosing a temporary phone number for Telegram

4. Click on the purchase button to order a temporary phone number.

Buying a temporary phone number for Telegram

5. Use obtained number for registration on Telegram.

Temporary phone number for Telegram

6. Receive a verification code through SMS-Man.

7. Register a new account with this code.

That method is also suitable for those who would like to find out how to create Telegram account without phone number. You don’t have to operate a personal mobile phone number at the time when using it. So temporary numbers are widely used by web users who worry about their privacy and confidentiality on the web. It is a pretty multipurpose feature.

How to create a new Telegram account in bulk?

There are several great things about temporary phone numbers. However, the best one is the lack of any restrictions on how many of them a single person is allowed to obtain and activate. This means that technically, with them, it is possible to sign up for unlimited accounts on Telegram. You only need to get new temporary numbers for each profile and take some to avoid blockages like changing your IP address with VPN or proxy after every successful registration.

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