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How to get many Google Adsense accounts in 2023

how to create Google Ads accounts

Running any business successfully is not possible without proper advertising. This is especially applicable for online businesses. Those that function primarily in real life and just also offer their products or services on the internet already have some customers interested in their solutions. But online businesses don’t have them. They need to run advertising campaigns on certain platforms that provide such opportunities. It could be Facebook, Instagram, and even Google Adsense. In this article, we will explain how to create Google Ads accounts in bulk in 2023. This approach is useful also for those who do traffic arbitrage and perform some other tasks on the internet.

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Is it a good idea to buy Google Ad accounts?

It is possible to buy profiles on any online service. There is also a wide choice in the case of Google Adsense. So, using the appropriate platform, everyone can purchase an account on this service. But it is less likely a good idea and there are multiple reasons for this.

Firstly, such profiles are not cheap. Even though prices for them vary, most often even those that are basic and have no special features enabled cost at least a few tens of dollars. Thus, purchasing Google Ads multiple accounts is pretty expensive and not affordable for everyone. However, there is also another disadvantage of this approach for those who have some money to spend on completing this task in this way.

It lies in the fact that you never know where such accounts come from. You don’t know whether they were registered legally or used for illegal purposes. This is pretty common for purchased Google Adsense accounts to get blocked because of their past activities. By purchasing them users accept the probability of their profiles getting banned at any time. Paying good money for risky products might be worth it sometimes, however, not in this case, and since everyone can easily create basically unlimited accounts on this platform using one simple tool.

How to create Google Ads accounts in bulk easily?

Buying a registered profile is not necessary anymore. You can create it on your own on any website or app just by using temporary phone numbers. This feature allows bypassing verification via a mobile phone number which is the main barrier to the creation of multiple accounts on many services as well as Google Adsense. It is necessary to only get Google Ads temporary number and then use it for registration. This is how to obtain it:

1. Proceed to and create your personal profile on the website.

2. Open the recharge page, select the appropriate payment method and refill the balance.

3. Choose the country of the cellular carrier on the main page. The best option is obviously the US but it will work properly with other countries as well.

4. Search for Google among other listed services and find the button that stands for buying a temporary phone number.

5. Click that button.

The last step of the whole process is to use the received phone number for the Google Adsense register process. It is as simple as using your personal mobile number. In order to create second, third, and more accounts, simply get and use other temporary numbers. There are no limitations for users on how many of them they can use. You can sign up for tens and even hundreds of profiles every day with them.

Don’t forget to use VPN

Google is one of those services that compare the country of the mobile phone number with the IP address of the user operating it. If locations don’t match, the verification code might be not sent. Many users face this issue. However, fixing it takes just one simple stake to complete. You only need to use VPN or proxy software to connect to the server in a country where the temporary phone number comes from. If everything is set up right, the code for registration will arrive without issues and quickly. Now you know how to create Google Ads accounts and what to do if for some reason it’s not going as intended.

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