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How to Get Discord Unblocked in 2024?

How to Get Discord Unblocked in 2024

Discord is one of the necessary communication software especially if you are actively playing video games or using it as a work messenger at your organization. Though, the platform severely punishes users that one or other way break the atmosphere in the community.

Well, how to bypass Discord ban if you have faced this kind of situation? Let’s explore it in the blog post as well as learning a bit more about how the messenger is useful.

What is Discord

What is Discord App?

When you create a new Discord account, you get access to one of the widely used instant messengers for voice and text communication and games. Initially, it originated as a functional communication tool for the global gamers community. Though, over time, geeks of all stripes from digital artists, designers to software engineers and more also employed it. To date, many companies, mostly related to IT use Discord as a corporate messenger.

Among messengers, Discord is unique in that users can create and configure their own servers, channels, and roles on the platform. Therefore, Internet users consider this messenger as one of the most convenient platforms for organizing communities of interests and teams with their own rules and hierarchy. In addition, users can create group chats, share files, screen share, and other features to effectively communicate and work on projects. Though, one need to be careful with sending inappropriate messages and content, since if 

Moreover, the platform offers extensive integration capabilities with third-party services, for example, YouTube, Twitch, etc. You can also customize Discord to suit your needs by developing your own bots and extensions based on the Discord API.

Another messenger’s particular feature is also important for those who are going to create a new Discord account. The service employs advanced protection methods and carefully ensures user privacy. The encryption feature and privacy settings allow users to control whom they give access to their private servers and chats.

Gamers, the key audience of the messenger, are not the most relaxed community, so the platform adheres to strict rules to maintain a friendly and safe space. Violation of these rules is fraught with getting you Discord blocked. Next, let’s look at the most common reasons why Discord may disable user accounts.

Possible Reasons for Getting Discord Blocked

Possible Reasons for Getting Discord Blocked

The following list of potential Discord blocked dues implies that you were probably:

  • The platform suspects you of sending spam messages to other users. Typically, Discord bans accounts if they discover the association with a server from where spam messages arrive.
  • Been sending too many direct messages with inappropriate content on Discord.
  • Using Discord’s API bots on third party sources which is also one of the grounds to get your Discord blocked. This kind of violation has the name ‘self-botting’.
  • Leveraging bots that interfere with the correct operation of the Discord’s servers.
  • Behaving inappropriately towards other users, including offending, bullying, harassing, etc.
  • Distributing unauthorized third-party software to other Discord users within the platform.
  • And more.

So, how to bypass Discord ban, and how is it possible?

How to Unblock Discord Account?

Before getting a permanent account deletion, Discord puts your account on hold for 14 days.

Within this period of time, you need to have time to dispute the blocking so that Discord does not delete your account forever. If you received a ban and are confident that you did not do anything illegal or going against the platform’s rules, you need to write to Discord technical support as fast as you can and explain that you were falsely disabled.

Sadly, if you have been violating any messenger’s terms of services, getting your Discord unblocked is very unlikely since Discord punishes offenders. Though, if it happens that Discord has permanently disabled your account and you cannot refute blocking, you always have a choice to register a fresh account.

Let’s look at how you can do it further.

How to Create a New Discord Account after Being Blocked?

If you were banned due to severe violations and you failed to get your Discord unblocked, you need to know that Discord is able to ban users by IP address. It means that if you register a new account under the same IP-address, the platform will also disable it soon. So, concern yourself with installing a robust VPN first.

After changing your IP address thanks to VPN, come up with a completely new username and password. Moreover, you will need to verify your account using a phone number. If getting a fresh phone number seems like a challenge to you, you can consider purchasing a one-time use virtual phone number for that.

Temporary virtual numbers work over the cloud software that allows you to easily receive SMS, including OTP codes.

Unlike traditional cellular numbers, this is a completely independent tool, not requiring a SIM card usage and any connection to physical location.

With SMS-Man, you can anonymously register at 1000+ global and local services with 190+ national codes. The price is also pretty affordable starting from $0.14 per number.

virtual phone number from sms man

So, how can you create a new Discord account with a disposable virtual number? Let’s see further:

  1. Sign up for with email or through social media.
  2. Deposit the required sum to the balance — click ‘Top Up’ at the top right.
  3. Open ‘Receive SMS’ in the left menu, select the required country code (US) and the service (Discord).
  4. Get the phone number from ‘History’ below and submit it to Discord.
  5. To reveal an OTP, return to SMS-man and click ‘Receive SMS’ near the number.
  6. Use the revealed code to confirm your account.

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