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How to Delete TikTok Account in 2023

delete TikTok account

TikTok is a Chinese service that is well-known around the whole world. From the very beginning, it functioned in the same way as today, that is, it provided an option to edit and share short videos with music. But popularity and acceptance outside of China the platform received only after acquiring service which was functioning in a similar way, so all its users automatically became users of TikTok due to the merger that occurred. It is literally a leader and trendsetter in the niche of brief entertaining videos. So, it can quickly attract as well as lose the attention of users, which, once it happens, want to delete TikTok account once and for all with all related information. There is nothing really difficult about this process regardless of the case. Read our article to learn how to do it step by step. It will work in any situation and with any profile on this service.

TikTok on mobile phone

Universal way to delete TikTok account

Sometimes deleting an account may be difficult as some platforms provide different ways to do this for each type of device. It may be even impossible to do because not every website and app provides an opportunity to perform that. TikTok, however, does this. Moreover, there is only one method of deleting TikTok account, which is available on both mobile and desktop versions of the service and works on all devices whether it is a smartphone or personal computer. Since mobile version is still the most popular choice among users, we will explain the process using its example:

1. Proceed to the profile page on the mobile app and find a tab that allows changing settings.

2. Go to “Manage My Account”.

3. Click on “Delete Account”.

4. Confirm your intention to delete the account.

5. Obtain the verification code on the mobile phone number linked to the profile.

6. Finish deletion with the received code.

Notice that deletion doesn’t happen immediately. Firstly, the platform will deactivate TikTok account for 30 days. This means that the profile is not yet deleted but hidden from other users. You will be able to restore it during this time. Once the deactivation period is finished, the account is permanently deleted. Information related to its user is deleted as well.

There is no need to worry about how do I delete my TikTok account on Windows Phone or any other uncommon OC. This method works for mobile devices based on every operating system. Since it is done through a mobile app, there is no difference. Deleting an account on a PC is similar. But there are still some differences. So, below we will explain this procedure too.

How can you delete a TikTok account on PC?

Performing this is not difficult at all. You can also choose between two options. One of them is quite complicated in comparison though. But anyway, they both work. The easiest option is as follows:

1. Log in to the account to delete on

2. Click on the account profile picture to open its menu.

3. Proceed to the settings page.

4. Find the “Delete” button that is placed under the “Manage account” section and press it.

5. Use your registration method to log in to your account again.

6. Click on “Delete account”.

7. Confirm your decision.

Like in the previous case, deleting the account permanently will take 30 days. Until then it will be available for recovery if you suddenly change your mind. You can also try to delete an account using the mobile app on a PC with an Android emulator. This is the second option. In this case, you should use the instructions in the previous part of this article.

How to create a new account after deleting the old one?

Managed to delete TikTok account and after some time decided to create a new profile? But want it to be more private than before? The best choice for you is a virtual phone number. SMS-Man offers virtual numbers at one of the lowest prices on the market. You can use them to establish a new and confidential account on TikTok within minutes. In addition, they will be a great solution for those who want to have multiple profiles but don’t have enough mobile phone numbers to use for verification. Using them is not limited in any way.

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