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How to delete TikTok account in 2022?

How to delete

What is TikTok?

Initially, the Chinese application was a service for editing and publishing small videos to which you could join music. The social web gained popularity elsewhere of China afterwards acquiring the music. ly app, which functions similarly to its large user base, which automatically becomes a TikTok audience.

TikTok has created a mini-video niche by capturing the audience in closed Vine and taking part in Instagram Stories*. The format of short clips with rich editing options, as they say, filmed. For example, at the end of 2018, the social network in the US overtook such giants as Facebook*, YouTube and Instagram* in terms of the number of downloads.In March 2022, TikTok became one of the most popular social networks in the World. But sometimes happens something like that you want to delete your account and TikTok is not an exception


How to delete Tiktok account?

If you delete your TikTok account for the first 30 days, it will simply be hidden from other users. During this time, you can still undo your selection and restore it. To restore a deleted profile, enter your credentials and select Deactivate. If the user has lost access to the associated phone number, they should contact support to deactivate their account. After deleting an account, as the service promises, information about the user will be stored only anonymously. Basically, users log into TikTok through an app on a smartphone. The procedure for deleting an account on iOS and Android devices is identical.

To delete an account, you must:

  1. click “Settings and privacy” and select “Manage account” delete tiktok
  2. Find and click  “Delete account”;                           Delete TikTok
  3. The social network will display the cancellation policy and ask you to confirm your decision with the “Continue” button;Delete a TikTok Account Step
  4. A verification code will be sent to the phone associated with the account, and after entering it, the “Delete account” button will appear.

Delete a TikTok Account Step

To delete your TikTok account from your PC, sign in to Android Emulator, a dedicated mobile application. An additional algorithm of actions will be similar to the previous one.

What if you want to create new TikTok account?


You deleted your account and want to create a new one? Demand to create anonymously and don’t use your individual data? Virtual phone number is your best solution. SMS-MAN supply’s virtual numbers with the minimal price. We wrote most simple instruction. Repeat these actions and you will create new TikTok account.

1. Create an account on SMS-Man.

2. Choose the country of a virtual number on the main page of the website.dingtone

3. Scroll the homepage a bit down and select the Tiktok app on the list with services.sms-man

4. Purchase a virtual cell phone number.


5. Enter your TikTok phone number  when the signing form requires it.

6. When the verification code is sent, go back to the platform and request it by clicking “Get SMS” button.

7. Enter the code you receive and use your new TikTok account!

This method also works if you want to create accounts in other famous social network services. For instance: Viber, Ebay, etc.

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You can use our dedicated Telegram channel to acquire a fake virtual phone number for free. There, we supply up to six virtual phone numbers from differential countries day-by-day which subscribers can use to sign up on different sites and applications without exception. So there is no difficulty in using them to create a TikTok account.



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