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How to delete Klarna account in 2022

How to delete Klarna

Klarna is a Swedish fintech service for paying in instalments. It has been in existence since 2005 and operates in 14 European countries and the US.

Klarna’s partners are online and offline retailers. The main business areas they cooperate with are beauty, fashion, home goods and sports goods: e.g. Sephora, Asos, Etsy, Nike. Partners include big companies like Ebay and small businesses: local brewery, pet shop, hobby products.

How it works for the customer. The customer downloads the Klarna app, selects the desired shop there and assembles a shopping cart. Then creates a one-time virtual card to pay for the purchase. At the same stage, the first part of the payment – 25% – is deducted. The remaining three payments are deducted from the disposable card every fortnight.

Klarna has created not just a payment method, but an entire ecosystem. The user goes to the service not just to pay for an order: Klarna helps to inspire and shape their style, pick a shop, and makes recommendations for images that can be purchased immediately. For example, if the user comes for trainers, the service may recommend a selection of images with them, an article by a stylist with tips on fashionable combinations with shoes, and a photo shoot of an Influencer wearing trainers of that model.

How to delete Klarna account

According to the details on Klarna’s website, you need to write to customer service to delete your account with Klarna.

You can reach Klarna on 0203 005 0833 or use the on-line chat function on the site to speak to someone about deleting your account.

To delete your account, you will need to pay for all your orders through Klarna.

How to get the Klarna verification code with a virtual number?

What if you need an account in Klarna but you just deleted your account? The easiest way is to create a new account. And our service can provide you new number for that. All you need to do is just to purchase a number from us and register an account.

However, there is a benefit to this. Although verification is compulsory to create an account, it does not oblige you to use your personal number. You can therefore take advantage of our website, which can provide you with a temporary telephone number in a few minutes. You can receive verification codes from every website and application which are mentioned in our service-list. And Klarna is in this list. So let’s see how to use service of SMS-MAN.

1. Firstly register at and bypass the verification by confirming your email.

2. Then click on the payment tab to put credits on your balance. You can select different payment methods, from bank transfer to cryptocurrency payment.

3.Find and select the appropriate country for the virtual phone number operator you want to purchase on the start page of our website.

4. Scroll down the page to get to the service list and type “Klarna” in the search bar to find it.

5. Press the appropriate “BUY” button to purchase a virtual number for it.

You have purchased a number where you can receive OTP for Klarna registration. Now enter it into the registration form and click on “Send code”. The platform will send to your virtual cellular number the set of digits required to complete the verification. To receive it, open the SMS-Man service again and click on the “GET SMS” button.


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