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How to Delete GCash Account in 2024?

Delete GCash Account in 2024

If you are not satisfied with how this service works and want to change it for another one such as Maya, you are probably looking for an answer on how to delete GCash account.

In this article, we will provide you with the profound instructions on deleting your GCash profile. Though, if you want to get back to the application in the future, we will also deliver the guide on how to register a new account with no need to use your personal phone number.

What is GCash?

GCash is a Philippines-based mobile payments service that has over 75 million registered users. Similar to other e-wallets, GCash allows users to easily make payments on the go, send and receive money, pay bills, order food with in-app discounts and make online and in-store purchases without the need to cash it out.

When you create new GCash account, the most prominent feature that you get access to seems to be that it doesn’t require you to have a bank account for using the e-wallet. So, to utilize the possibilities of the application, you only need a smartphone or a tablet and a Philippine mobile phone number. For verified users, a prepaid Mastercard is also available. It allows paying for purchases more conveniently and withdrawing money through ATMs.

Moreover, the service also offers in-app investing opportunities with GFunds, taking loans and paying in installments with GGivas and GLoan, as well as insuring health, home, car, etc. with GInsure, and more.

What is GCash?

Is Gcash Safe?

When it comes to security, despite the GCash application protecting each operation with end-to-end encryption, the platform still faces security issues. For example, an incident of mass theft of money from the accounts of about 300 users in 2023 comes to mind. Though, as it turned out later, the hacker made an unauthorized withdrawal of funds by sending phishing links to online gambling websites to platform users.

To sum up, GCash is a convenient super app for making payments, paying bills, investing, getting loans, and more, but cannot be called 100% safe in terms of protection measures.

Then, if you want to learn how to delete GCash account for this or another reason, let’s proceed.

Is Gcash Safe

How to Delete GCash Account?

Please note that when submitting a request to delete GCash account, you are also canceling records in all the in-app services. Besides, even if you recover your account, you will not be able to restore the previous records.

Although after sending a deletion request, you will not be able to login, actual deletion of the data from the company’s servers will be made after five years.

So, here are the quick step-by-step instructions:

First, you must pay all the unpaid debts in your account and in-app services before appealing for account deletion. Otherwise, the system will not accept your request.

Then, provide the Government-issued ID or passport and another proof of identity such as your marriage certificate.

Fill out the GCash deletion form (you can find it by following the link).

After that, make sure that you attached:

  • Image of your Government-issued ID or passport.
  • Filled out GCash deletion form.
  • Attach a letter of authorisation and a photo of your agent’s proof of identity. (When deleting a GCash account using an authorised agent).

After the system confirms your identity, your profile will be deactivated.

But if you are also looking for an answer for “If I delete my GCash account can I register again?”, be sure that the answer is positive. Below we will provide instructions on creating a new account.

How to Create New GCash Account?

The registration procedure is not complicated. But after you click “Register” on the screen, you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number to get started. After that, for authenticating your mobile number, you will need to submit a 6-digit-code that you received via SMS.

After the code is entered, you will be redirected to the registration page. Then, when you filled out all the necessary fields, click “Proceed” to set your 4-digit mobile PIN (MPIN). After you agreed with the terms and conditions of the service, click “Continue”. Now, you successfully create new GCash account. But this is only the basic one.

If you want to increase transaction limits within the app, start shopping online, make money transfers and get access to other features, you need to get verified. For that, you need to be a Filipino citizen of at least 18 years old.

To pass verification, make a readable scan of a valid ID, including passport, driver license, UMID, or other option. Photocopies are not allowed. Then, take a clear selfie. Click ‘Next’ and double check the automatically filled information from your ID. Fill out all the rest of the empty blank fields, click ‘Next’ and wait 5 minutes until you are approved.

Since to create new GCash account, the platform requires entering a phone number, you must provide it. But if you don’t have a Filipino number on hand, you can consider purchasing a virtual phone number for registration.

gcash registration

How To Create GCash Account without a Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers is an online service that allows users to receive an OTP from any messengers, social networks, marketplaces, email services, etc. without using an actual phone number. Given that, the platform you are applying it for cannot distinguish it from regular cellular phones.

But, compared to the latter, virtual numbers work without a SIM card, and are not connected to any geolocation or a device. Thus, leaving almost no physical trace, such numbers are effective for leveling up your privacy on the Internet. Moreover, they are cost-effective, with a number for single registration costing<$0.50.

At SMS-Man, you can obtain a disposable or long-rental number with over 190+ national codes to sign up for 1000+ services and applications. The opportunity to create new GCash account. So, if you want to increase the privacy of your data or don’t have a Philippine phone number, try out a temporary virtual number instead.

virtual phone number from sms man

Here is how you can get it from SMS-Man:

  1. Register an account at using an email address or social media profile.
  2. Add funds to your account balance by clicking “Top Up” at the top right.
  3. To purchase a one-time number, enter “Receive SMS”, select a country and then find “GCash”.
  4. Click the purchase button.
  5. Go to the bottom of the screen, copy the purchased phone number and apply it to create new GCash account.
  6. Return to SMS-man and request the code by clicking “Receive SMS” near the number.
  7. Utilize the OTP for authentication.

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