How to make multiple WhatsApp accounts?

How to create WhatsApp 2 accounts?

According to statistics, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers in the world. Due to its convenient functionality and the opportunity for free communication, this product became an indispensable part of most smartphones. It is often used for running businesses: receiving feedback from clients, communicating with partners from abroad, sending out advertisements, etc.

Many users wonder is it possible to have multiple accounts WhatsApp? Yes. But you should take into consideration that, to make two WhatsApp accounts and more, you will need to buy additional SIM cards. How to use 2 WhatsApp accounts without heavy expenses?

No doubt, buying multiple SIM cards is not cheap enjoyment, especially if you need to make a large number of profiles. The cheapest and the most reliable solution for such situations is to use a virtual number.

On our source, you can buy a virtual number for WhatsApp for $0,08 only. It will allow you to receive a message with an activation code and create a fully functional profile at minimum cost.

как сделать второй аккаунт в ватсапе

How to have two WhatsApp accounts with the help of a virtual number?

To create two WhatsApp profiles and more, use the instruction below:

  1. Download WhatsApp to your smartphone if you have not installed it yet.
  2. Open the home page of the website and pass instant registration.

3. Choose the most convenient payment method in the section “Payment”, which can be found in the top menu, and make a deposit in dollars, rubles, or cryptocurrency.

4. Go back to the home page and look through the list of services. Choose “WhatsApp” and press “Buy”.

5. That’s all, a new number is added to your account. To use it for registration, you can copy it in “Profile” – “Request History”.

6. Now, let us discuss registration on WhatsApp. Open the app. You will be offered to verify your mobile number right away. Specify a virtual one instead. Remember to select the correct country code.

7. Confirm that you have entered the number correctly so that the app sends you an SMS with an activation code.

8. Return to the page “Request History”, click “Get SMS”, and wait for the code to be displayed. It will appear in a second.

11. Copy the 6-digit code and paste it into the corresponding window in the app.

The only step left is to invent a suitable login. Now you know how to easily make multiple WhatsApp profiles for $0,08 each. As you can see, the whole procedure takes no more than a couple of minutes. With Sms-man, you can create a limitless number of accounts on messengers, social networks, and other online sources – just purchase a new virtual number for each new profile.
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