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How to create Webmoney account without a phone number

webmoney account

Hey, do any of you still use cash? Do you carry a bank card? I think that in the 21st century this is no longer relevant at all. Even plastic cards have already been abandoned by many. Now all payment is done online, through your smartphone. Yes-yes your phone can replace this function. But which app should you use to pay then? The obvious question for many of us. I am sure advanced users know the webmoney service, and some even use it. As you may have noticed, all modern services require the creation of an account, but the most important thing is to link the number. Of course, webmoney is no exception. So today I want to show you how you can create a webmoney account or even webmoney accounts without a phone number using sms-man!

webmoney account

What is sms-man?

Sms-man one of the most popular services, which allows you to buy a virtual phone number and keep your anonymity, and most importantly, safety on the Internet. Such a number has many advantages:

Security. Such number will allow you to keep your security. Even if it is recognized, in some random way, the fraudster will not give anything. He will not be able through the number to calculate your personal data, which you would prefer to keep secret from outsiders.

Several account. You created your account, but suddenly a useful for you service came up with an interesting new promotion. You used it on your account, but you need more. Then why not create a second account? This is exactly the virtual number you need!

These are just the main reasons to buy a virtual phone number, because it will make your life easier.

Why do you need a webmoney account?

You can use webmoney accounts to distribute finances for your business, to attract funds, to borrow, to transfer and, of course, to receive money. It must be said that webmoney has a very low commission rate, which makes this service even more attractive to use. 

  • Before we begin to create webmoney accounts you need to go to our site sms-man. Then you need to create an account first on our site. This is done simply, through the top panel. 

create account on sms-man

  • After the registration process, you can replenish your balance via a special section in the top menu. Choose any available currency and a huge number of ways to top-up.
  • Now on the main page in the list of services choose webmoney, and in the list of countries of interest to you.

select country and service

  • Buy a number and now he was displayed at us at the top. excellent, but when you receive the code will need a VPN. It will tell a little more detail after the instructions for the passage of webmoney verification.
  • Go to the webmoney website. There is no registration button, but you can click on enter, and below will be a button with the input of phone number. 
  • After receiving a code, we need to copy it on our site and return to the registration to complete the webmoney verification.

In fact, the webmoney account is created, but I would like to tell you a little bit about the choice of VPN.

How to choose the best VPN without losing money?

In my experience, I have tried a huge number of services with VPN. But the best in my opinion was VPN. You get a stable connection, responsive and most importantly fast technical support, and most importantly – the adequacy of the price. With this service, you can buy an annual subscription and not waste your nerves for a year. A great option if you are looking for a good and stable service.

I congratulate you, now you have a way to create a large number of webmoney accounts!



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