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How to create Trendyol account without phone number

how to create Trendyol account without phone number

E-commerce platforms always were the best place for promoting and operating commodity business. This is also greatly applies to one of the most popular companies in this area worldwide called Trendyol. Recently the number of its both buyers and sellers has increased several times. Different sale offers, many available payment methods and convenient delivery service do their job. Alongside with this appeared a lot of people that are looking for the ways to sign up there multiple times. In this article we will explain in which situations it can be useful and how to create Trendyol account without phone number with SMS-Man.


What is Trendyol app

Trendyol com is the e-commerce platform that is extremely popular in Turkey. Even though it was launched with only $300K as an initial capital and twelve years ago currently it successfully competes with Amazon and eBay. Everyday more than 1 million its customers from all over the world receive their orders. At this moment it offers goods in numerous categories including fashion, cosmetics, electronics, mother-kids, furniture.

Dut to rapid development and growth in popularity last summer service was strongly funded by a few high-profile investors. In result it became the first decacorn Turkish company regardless the field of its activity. At the same time it has resulted in a previously mentioned great increase in the number of its users as well as expansion of the trading range and crossing 50 millions downloads mark of android Trendyol app.

Why would anyone need to bypass phone verification

There are a few answers to this question. Reasons for the need to create accounts on Trendyol without phone number are always different but it is possible to highlight the main ones that are the following:

  • Remaining anonymous. For some people it is important to protect their privacy even while using e-commerce platforms. It helps to avoid receiving endless newsletters about offers and discounts.
  • Creating new account. Getting account blocked on online stores is a common thing with the same result no matter what the reason is. It is needed to sign up once again and an old phone number cannot longer be used.
  • Running multiple businesses. Selling different type of goods with one account is not a good idea for sure. To succeed every brand specializes on something certain tand multiple profiles solve this issue.


Furthermore those are not all the reasons why people would like to bypass phone verification on Trendyol. It is also about the need to create accounts for siblings that might be having issues with their real phone numbers and many else. Luckily virtual phone number solve all these requests.

How to sign up on Trendyol online without phone number

Like in case with other e-commerce platforms it is important to have there phone verification passed in order to buy or sell goods. Usually it is done with a Trendyol Turkey number. If it is not available or cannot be used for some reason you can get one on SMS-Man. Let’s see how it works:

1. In the first place open sign up form on the homepage of our website and fill in email address and password.

smsman register

2. Use one from a few payment methods to top up the balance.


3. Get back to the main page and choose country along with the required app.


4. Click buy button.

5. Request verification code on received phone number.

After that is to press get SMS button. Look at it next to the received phone number. In case verification code was sent and received it will be revealed shortly on the same page. Use it to sign up on Trendyol and get into new account. You can use the instruction from above to create accounts on other similar platforms like Amazon, eBay and others as the process doesn’t differ at all.
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