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How to Create Flipkart Account without a Phone Number?

Create Flipkart Account

There is nothing you can’t buy on Flipkart: phones, home appliances, fashion, groceries and more. It is the leading e-commerce platform in the Indian market, rivalled only by Amazon India.

Like many other marketplaces, the app asks for phone number verification when you sign up for an account. But, can you create Flipkart account without disclosing your phone number? Let’s explore below and find out how the marketplace is useful for customers and sellers.

What is Flipkart?

Flipkart is a number one e-commerce app in India that started in 2007 as an online bookstore with country-wide shipping. Later, it expanded the range of consumer goods with electronics, clothing, furniture, home appliances, jewelry, groceries, and more, subsequently becoming a main competitor of Amazon India.

In 2014, Flipkart acquired the fashion clothing marketplace Myntra to become a leader in the sale of fashion apparel in the country, and since 2018 it has become part of Walmart.

The company launched several house brands for producing electronics and home appliances as well as its own in-app streaming service Flipkart Video.

If answering “What is Flipkart in numbers and figures?”, to date, the platform has over 300 million registered users, over 10 million visitors per day, and over 8 million shipping per month. The marketplace is available in web and mobile versions.

What is Flipkart?

Top Benefits of Flipkart Marketplace

Flipkart gets many benefits for both customers and sellers. As for customers, it provides free delivery to a doorway, as well as huge discounts and bonuses for purchases.

Also, using Flipkart marketplace you can get:

  • In-app currency SuperCoins for every purchase.
  • Rewards for playing in-app games.
  • Сash back — after you issue the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card (5% for in-app purchases, 4% for affiliate sites and 1.5% of other expenses).
  • Group discounts with the GroupBuy feature, so you can shop and save together with your friends and family members.
  • 5% discount after after you create a new Flipkart account.

Moreover, if you aren’t ready to pay full price for an item, with Flipkart, you can receive a personal loan with flexible EMIs and profitable interest rates.

The app also notifies customers about big events and great deals and picks up personal recommendations, so your user experience was even more convenient.

What is Flipkart when it comes to sellers? It also has many advantages, compared to other platforms.

First, it offers a massive customer base of 300 million registered users, so sellers can reach a diverse audience and make profitable sales. Moreover, setting up an online store, listing products, managing inventory, and tracking sales are really easy and intuitive on Flipkart.

Since the platform has a strong logistics and delivery network, Flipkart account holders don’t have to worry that their orders get delivered to customers with delay. Besides, on Flipkart, you get access to a wide range of promotional and marketing tools, including Flipkart Plus, which helps you to attract new customers with high visibility.

In addition, the platform provides loans for sellers to help them scale their business, as well as educating them on e-commerce specifics with workshops, and webinars.

Top Benefits of Flipkart Marketplace

Do you Need a Phone Number for a Flipkart Account?

Yes. It’s obligatory to provide an Indian phone number to create Flipkart account. The app asks you to verify your identity with a mobile number right before you sign up.

Moreover, with a mobile number, it’s easier to recover or reset your password without the need to get the link via email.

Though, if you’re not ready to provide a platform with your personal phone number, you can buy an Indian virtual number instead. This will also suit if you want to create a new Flipkart account.

Virtual phone numbers are a cloud-based service that doesn’t require you to use neither SIM card nor special equipment. Yet, it still allows you to get SMS messages through a devoted platform like SMS-Man. Thus, it’s a good fit for receiving an OTP when verifying your identity.

So, virtual phone numbers will be helpful if you:

  • Don’t want to get spam messages to your personal number and it to be transferred to third parties.
  • Want to create a bulk of accounts at once for advertising and promotional purposes — it suits almost any popular services and apps.
  • Want to set up an account on a platform that is restricted in your country or requires only local phone numbers.

virtual phone number from sms man

Flipkart Sign Up without a Mobile Number

Receiving an OTP to create Flipkart account to an Indian number from SMS-man is not hard at all. To complete your sign-up without disclosing your personal phone number, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the registration form and sign up for via email address. Alternatively, log in via Gmail.
  2. Add money to the account balance by choosing any convenient payment method on the “Top Up” tab in the left.
  3. On the “Receive SMS” tab, choose “India” among the supported countries and “Flipkart” among the supported services.
  4. Click the “Buy SMS” button.
  5. After that, scroll the homepage to “History” and copy a phone number from there. Apply it for sign up without mobile number.
  6. Return to SMS-man and click “Receive SMS” near the purchased number.
  7. Reveal the verification code and apply it to Flipkart.

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