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How to create an anonymous Telegram account in 2022

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Privacy on the internet is one of the things that bothers current internet users the most. This becomes especially relevant when using instant messaging apps. Most of those allow people to see the mobile phone numbers of other users and it is definitely not private. Even though some of them provide an option to hide it, there is still no guarantee that it will not get leaked one day. This is why many people want to create and use an anonymous Telegram account instead of their personal one. Such a profile is literally the best solution for those who would like to protect their confidentiality while using a popular app for sending and receiving instant messages. Find out how to register it with ease.

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What is required?

Registering an anonymous profile on any website or app takes using multiple things. First of all, it is a fake name and other credentials such as surname, date of birth, and others. It is also important to set up a fake photo or image as a profile picture. But the most important part of this process is a fake phone number. There is just no possibility to create an anonymous Telegram account without operating it. Such a number, unlike a real phone number, is fully private and anonymous as it is designed to hide the identity of a user.

Taking advantage of fake numbers is not difficult these days. They are available on the internet and can be used at any time. You only need to proceed to the relevant website or app. There are many of them like available online. Most of those services offer such a solution as a fake number for Telegram in various countries and it is not hard to find a suitable option. Moreover, such platforms are really easy to operate due to their user-friendly design. So newcomers won’t face any difficulties when using one of them.

Where to get a fake number for anonymous Telegram?

Fake phone numbers are a pretty popular feature at the moment. Not so far ago it was difficult to get them. But now users have multiple opportunities to complete this task. For example, it is easy to do with SMS-Man. Everyone can use this online service to obtain fake numbers to create one or multiple fake Telegram accounts within several minutes right from home. There is nothing really complicated about this process. You just have to:

1. Complete quick registration at using your email address or profile on one of the supported social networks.

2. Replenish the balance with a suitable payment system.

3. Proceed to the main page and choose the country of the cellular provider.

4. Switch to the tab with services and find Telegram.

5. Click on the buy button placed next to the name of the app.

You will be provided with a relevant fake phone number within seconds. Look for it either at the top of the main page or on your request history page in your personal profile. Just copy it and proceed to the next step.

How to use a fake phone number?

There is actually a simple answer to the question of how to use Telegram anonymously with a fake number. This number isliterally the same as the ones we use with mobile phones except for the fact that it protects our identity from being disclosed. So it should be used in the same way.

First of all, put it on the registration form when signing up for Telegram and request a verification code. Once this step is done, open the SMS-Man platform once again. You will see a button named “Get SMS”. Click on it to reveal the code needed for account registration. Now copy this code and use it for verification purposes. This is what it takes to sign up for an anonymous Telegram account these days. Using this method anyone can create as many anonymous profiles as required. There are no restrictions in this regard.

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