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How to create a Zoosk account without phone number

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Using dating services is popular among individuals of all ages. Of course, mostly there are adults. But yet these services also have many older people in their user bases. So those are suitable for every person. Moreover, users are offered to choose from multiple platforms. The choice doesn’t end on Tinder and Bumble. For example, there is also such a service as Zoosk. It has over 40 million users around the globe. Signing up for this platform might appear to be a problem though due to obligatory verification with a mobile phone number. Want to register a Zoosk account without a phone number? Here you go then.

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Is it possible to not do mobile number verification?

This question is on the mind of a lot of people. However, websites and apps implement a verification feature of that kind into their systems not just for fun. It is done with the goal to increase the security of users and stop service from getting flooded with spammers because otherwise, it is easy for the second to create new accounts even after getting blocked. Thus, there could be two ways to go.

First of all, look for other verification methods on the appropriate page. Some platforms provide an opportunity to get a one-time password with an email address. There also might be some other options. If there are none, then everything that is left is to complete it which is basically the second way. So, if it is mandatory and there are no other options, avoiding it is not possible. But there is also good news.

You are not forced to use a personal mobile number. It is not necessary to receive a Zoosk verification code as well. This process can be easily completed with a temporary number. That feature was designed specifically for this purpose. With its help, those who have no mobile number available or wouldn’t like to use it can sign up for online services that require completing an SMS verification process during registration. Benefiting from this is not difficult. You can see it below.

How to register a Zoosk account without a phone number?

It takes having only two things. The first one is, obviously, the mobile app of this dating service. You can download it either from Play Market or App Store. It depends on the operating system of your mobile device. Proceeding after this requires having another thing which is a temporary phone number for Zoosk. This solution is available on many internet resources. It is also available on SMS-Man. Getting one requires only a few minutes of your time. Here is how it goes:

1. Proceed to and create an account.

sign up SMS-MAN

2. Refill the balance through a suitable payment system.

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3. Select the country of the cellular carrier on the main page.

4. Open a list of services and search for Zoosk.

5. Purchase a temporary number.

Here it is. Now everything that is left is to create a Zoosk account with the purchased number. For this, copy it and proceed to Zoosk registration. Once requested to enter a mobile number in order to complete the verification, provide your temporary phone number and confirm the action. The platform will send a unique one-time password to this number. Get this code on our website and complete creating an account.

Does it work only for Zoosk?

Those who already used this opportunity often wonder if it is multipurpose. Surely, it works not only when it is necessary to create a Zoosk account. You can use temporary numbers to register with all existing dating sites and apps. Those include Tinder, PoF, Bumbe, Mamba, Badoo, and others. There is no real difference whether it is a website or an app for mobile phones. Temporary phone numbers work everywhere if it is about mobile number verification.

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