How to create a walmart account without phone number
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How to create a Walmart account without phone number

create a walmart account

Hi all, in this article we will explain how to create a Walmart account without a phone number. Why do services even ask for sms-verification? How does it help and protect company users?

What sms-verification is and why it is needed

sms-verification is one way to protect your account from intruders. How does it work? You have probably already experienced registration/authorisation by phone number. The services will remember your devices and no sms verification is required. In case you are trying to log in to your account from a new device, in addition to your password you also need to enter the code from the sms. The service generates and sends you a new code. This is the sms-verification method (one of the 2FA methods).
It is, of course, necessary to protect your accounts. However, it has its disadvantages and we will talk about that below.

Disadvantages of sms-verification

Sometimes we need to create an account on a service that we don’t really need in the future. Or when we don’t want to leave our main phone number, we don’t want to receive spam on our phone and email. In this case, this method of protection will only prevent us from quickly registering an account with the service. However, there is always a way out, one of which is to use sms receiving services.

Next, using Walmart account registration as an example, we will explain how to use the sms receiving services. How they work.

How to create a walmart account without phone number

What is an SMS receiving service? It is an online service that provides a telephone number for rent, you can either buy a single sms or rent a number. You are provided with a phone number, you use it to register your account, then you receive an sms code which comes to this phone number. You confirm the account.

Brief instructions:

  1. Go to (click). Create Account. Use your email, then you will need to confirm your account with our service by post. Our service does not send spam, it is necessary to restore your account in case you forget your password.
  2. Confirm account. Follow the link in the message in your email.
  3. Top up your balance. Go to the Payment tab on the top menu and select any convenient top-up method.
  4. Select the country of the number. To see all available countries, press Show All Countries.
  5. Select Walmart from the list of services. You can also choose absolutely any other service you want. If you don’t find it in the list – select “Any Other” service.
  6. The system will match you to a phone number. Use it when you register at Walmart.
  7. After Walmart asks you to enter the code from the text message. Go back to our website – click get sms. Attention, the sms may not come right away, you have to wait a little while.
  8. Once you receive a text message with a code – use this code to confirm your registration with Walmart.
  9. Done! You have registered an account at Walmart without your phone number.

create a walmart account without phone number
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