How to create a new account in TikTok: step-by-step instructions

How to create a new account in TikTok: step-by-step instructions

TikTok is a popular social network for watching short videos. Initially, it appeared in China, but quickly spread around the world. Users often need a new account in Tik Tok. It may be necessary for personal purposes. Another option is to register a large number of profiles to promote certain products, services or brands, as well as to carry out fraud.

In any case, a new account in Tik Tok requires linking a mobile phone. Buying an additional Sim card is not considered the best solution. The Sms-man service offers a profitable solution: virtual numbers for registration in the Tik Tok from 21 cents. You can buy any number of them.

Create a new account in Tik Tok or buy it?

There are specialized stores on the Internet that sell profiles in social networks. Is this a good alternative to how to create a new account in Tik Tok? Here we can note several key drawbacks:

  1. There are no guarantees. The seller can return access to the accounts. To prevent this from happening, you need to spend additional time changing the settings.
  2. Ban. Bought TikTok profiles? Don’t be surprised if half of them will be blocked in a week. This is how the administration is struggling with the automatic registration of bots.
  3. Price. The cost of an account in stores starts from 10 rubles apiece. The Sms-man service offers virtual numbers for this network from 6.6 rubles.

How to create a new account in Tik Tok using the “Sms-man” service

We will try to tell you in detail about the features of the task. If you are interested in how to create a new account in Tiktok, you must follow the instructions.

  1. Initially, you need to register on the “Sms-man” service to purchase a virtual number. The standard form is used. Enter the email address and password for the profile on the site.
    How to create a new account in Tiktok

2. The next task is to replenish the account. This will allow you to make purchases on the service. At the top of the page there are sections, among which we select “Payment”.

3. You can specify one of the convenient options for transferring funds. The amount is entered in a special field. It must be at least 399 rubles.

4. We go to the main page of the Sms-man service. Here you need to select the appropriate virtual number. The first stage indicates the country (there are more than 200 options). The second step is to select the TikTok service. You can find it yourself in the list or register it in the search box. Click the ” Buy ” button to purchase, the funds will be debited from the account.

5. Now we go to the “TikTok” service to register a profile. The process is the same for the browser version and the application. If you are considering how to make a new account in Tik Tok, we start from the start page. Click on “Sign up” button and select the item “Use phone or email”.

6.A window is displayed in front of us, where you need to specify the main profile data. In the “Phone” field, enter the virtual number that was purchased earlier. Click “Send code”.

7. Go to the “Sms-man” service. Here, in the “Request History” section, a notification about the message should already appear. Click “Get SMS”, copy the confirmation code.

8. We go back to the TikTok social network, where we enter the code. After that, the registration is completed, you can start filling out the profile.

The task of how to add a new account to the TikTok takes no more than a few minutes.

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