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How to create a fake phone number for SMS

fake number for SMS

Due to strong technological development nowadays there are a lot of different phone numbers available on the internet. They can be virtual, temporary, disposable, and even fake. Each of them provides people with unique advantages. However, despite great choice, recently there especially great demand for fake numbers. In the current situation, when internet users want to ensure as much privacy online as possible, they are the best choice among other options. Find out about the advantages and use cases for such a feature as well as how to create a fake number for SMS.

Privacy and anonymity

Fake phone numbers are kinda similar to basic virtual numbers and can be used to perform exactly the same actions. The difference is that they offer people full privacy and anonymity on the web. Due to them, there is no more need to worry about data leakages and hacks. Their advantages include:

  • No disclosure of personal information. Purchasing a SIM card makes us provide some basic personal data in order to verify our identity. If there is a leak or hack, it all will probably end up in hands of fraudsters. In turn, when working with fake numbers, the probability of being in such a situation is completely absent. You can create a fake phone number disclosing no personal information at all.
  • Unavailable for tracking. Tracking the location of a person by his mobile number is no doubt a complicated task. But it is still possible with certain skills and software. Fake numbers do not provide this opportunity. They all have a static location and cannot be used to see the real location of their owners.
  • Tell nothing about the user. One of the easiest ways to find out some data about people is to put their mobile phone numbers on popular search engines. Doing this with fake numbers will not give any result as they simply do not leave traces on the web.

So, those who decide to get a fake phone number, do also receive increased online confidentiality. Using such numbers when signing up for online services will let you stop worrying about the security of your personal data.

Ways to operate a fake number for SMS

There are a lot of use cases for this tool. It can be useful in literally any situation when it comes to completing online verification regardless of the website and application. However, there are some common use cases. The most popular one is obviously about preserving confidentiality on the internet. Such a feature as a fake number for SMS does it in the best way and is surely a great choice for this purpose.

It is also common to use fake numbers for the creation of multiple profiles on different online platforms. There are no limitations on how many numbers one person can get so it is not a problem at all. Eventually, they are also a good solution when it is necessary to prank friends or relatives. Since it is not possible to find out who is hiding behind such phone numbers, it can be done even on WhatsApp and Telegram. There are plenty of use cases for fake phone numbers and it is only up to you in what way to use them as they are suitable for solving literally any task.

How to create fake number?

These days establishing a fake phone number is way easier than it was before. Even those who have no programming skills can do it within minutes. Moreover, there is no need for special software or device. You can perform this task on the internet via a basic web browser. This is how to make fake phone number in the easiest possible way:

1. Go to the website and open the registration form.

2. Fill out the requested fields to create an account on the platform or sign up with a profile on one of the presented social networks.

3. Replenish the balance with credits in a convenient way from the payment tab.

4. Switch back to the start page and begin configuring your fake number. You have to choose its issuing country and website or application with which it will be used.

5. Create a fake number by clicking the appropriate button.


Everything to do after this is to use generated phone number for your purpose. Want to make another fake number for SMS? Then just repeat the previous steps. It can be done literally an infinite number of times as there are no restrictions on this.

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