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How to Cancel a Spotify Premium Subscription

how to cancel Spotify premium

Music holds a special place in the lives of many people. We listen to it on the way somewhere, in our free time, and even during work. There are multiple online services that allow doing this conveniently. The most popular of these is definitely Spotify. It provides an opportunity to listen to music from all popular musicians online as well as offline. To use the second feature it is necessary to purchase a premium subscription which also gives a few other benefits such as the option to rewind and skip songs without limitations, ad shutdown, etc. That is a great solution for those who want to enjoy the platform to the fullest. But if enabling this subscription is easy, canceling one brings a lot of difficulties to some users. Here is a full guide on how to cancel Spotify premium subscription.

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Why is it important to know about the auto-renewal feature?

Platform operates so that, in most cases, a premium subscription would renew on its own. That also applies to new clients who are on a free trial period. Once this period ends, Spotify will write off the amount of payment for the next month from your bank card. It becomes possible because customers must enter their bank card details in order to activate a premium subscription.

Before trying to cancel premium Spotify it is also important to know a few moments:

  • Not every subscription renewals automatically, but most of them do;
  • Subscription is paid in advance which means that after canceling one, the user still can enjoy its advantages until there is a new invoice.
  • Canceling a subscription during the trial period will result in losing all specified information.

In addition to the following, most of the time performing Spotify premium cancel subscription process is not possible via the mobile app on a mobile device. You need to use the web version of the platform for this. Below we will explain all possible ways to complete that task.

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How to cancel Spotify premium subscription in most cases?

Doing this is simple on any gadget whether it is a mobile phone, laptop, or personal computer. There is also no difference if it is based on Android, iOS, Windows, or any other operating system. The main thing is if it supports web surfing via browser as all steps are completed on the official website of service. So, to unsubscribe Spotify premium, do the following:

1. Open the website using any internet browser.

2. Log in with your account.

3. Proceed to the profile page.

4. Find a tab named “My Plan” and click on it.

5. Unsubscribe from the active plan.

This is how to cancel Spotify premium subscription easily and forever. You won’t be charged with monthly fee anymore after that. If canceled before the date of the next payment, received features will be available until this date. There is no need to worry that the money was wasted. Unsubscribing from a premium plan in this way works in most cases. However, sometimes those who use devices from Apple subscribe to premium via music streaming partners which involves taking different steps to cancel one or another kind of subscription.

How to cancel my Spotify premium on iTunes?

If you use Appl Store to enjoy premium subscription, there are numerous ways to cancel it depending on device. There are similar but still different ways for iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple MacBook and Apple TV. Unsubscribing from plan of every device goes as follows:

  • iPhone and Apple TV. Go to the settings tab on your device, tap on the subscriptions menu from your profile page, and unsubscribe from Spotify.
  • Apple Watch and Apple MacBook. Log in to App Store, open the account section, find Spotify, and unsubscribe.

Keep in mind that after unsubscribing from premium during the free trial period you won’t be able to enjoy all additional features for free again on the same account. It will be necessary to create a new profile with other payment details and a mobile phone number. You can get a fresh phone number for Spotify with SMS-Man. Our service allows using a premium subscription forever for a small fee which is way lower than its cost.

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