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How to bypass WeChat verification without Chinese number

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What is WeChat verification?

In this article we will explain what WeChat is, how to create a new WeChat account and how to bypass  WeChat verification.

WeChat is the most popular messenger among the Chinese people. It is used by almost everyone in the country. The application allows you to communicate with each other by calling or messaging for free over the internet. It is used both for business purposes and for casual chatting with friends. The popularity of WeChat in China is comparable to that of Telegram or WhatsApp in other countries.

But is it possible to create a WeChat account outside of China? How do you register if you don’t have a Chinese phone number? How to get a Chinese phone number for WeChat? Let’s take a look at how you can handle this.

The WeChat app can be installed on your phone. It is available for download from the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iOS.

How to create WeChat login without phone number?

It is actually very difficult to bypass WeChat verification if you are located outside of China. You will face great challenge when trying to create a new WeChat account. To successfully activate the account, you need to have an already active WeChat member (who has been using the app for more than a month) scan the specific QR-code. This procedure will allow you to pass WeChat verification.

To complete WeChat registration without phone number, you will still need to get the phone number of your Chinese mobile provider. You will also need to use a VPN which will be routed through the Chinese servers. Let’s find out where you can get a suitable phone number.


To solve this problem, we will get a virtual phone number to which you can receive a confirmation code message from WeChat.

You will probably have to ask someone to scan the QR code anyway. If you can get a Chinese phone number, you will have a better chance of successfully creating a WeChat account without additional verification measures.


Get a Chinese phone number for WeChat

You can use sms-man, a virtual number selling service, to obtain a virtual phone number. SMS-Man provides phone numbers for various countries for various services, including China and Hong Kong.

The price for a single text message with an activation code is relatively low, usually less than half a dollar. SMS-Man supports the most popular payment services, as well as cryptocurrency.

Simple way to register WeChat without Chinese number

Follow the instructions to successfully pass the WeChat verification:

1. Go to the sms-man service homepage.

get virtual number

2. Register a new account and top up your cash balance the way you like.

buy virtual number

3. Go back to the home page. Select the desired country and service (in this case WeChat).

WeChat virtual number

4. Click on the “Buy” button. The phone number will appear on the site header

5. Now, you can register on WeChat. Install the app and open it.

6. Pick up your phone and launch the WeChat app. Go to the registration form and enter the phone number you purchased.

7. At this step you may be faced with a window asking you to scan the QR code. If not, you will be redirected to a form asking you to enter your phone number.

8. Go back to the sms-man website and hit the “receive sms” button placed next to the phone number you bought. Once you click, you will receive a confirmation code from the sms

You now know how to verify WeChat account using fake virtual number.
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