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How to bypass moonpay verification without phone number

moonpay verification

Earnings from cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular every day. Our world has experienced two mining booms. One of which ended in 2021. Many people became richer during this period, and some have just started to understand the whole crypto thing. I think many of them have already learned that they need a reliable cryptocurrency wallet. It is for these people that I want to tell them what is moonpay and how to pass the moonpay verification.

moonpay verification

Priorities for using moonpay

I want to begin with the priorities of using this service, because there are not many of them, but these are the very things that you will appreciate in the moonpay!

1) Level of protection. Moonpay uses the highest level of protection, no data transmission, no information dissemination. High levels of encryption provide strong protection against hacking.

2) Own NFTs. Yes, you can buy NFTs from moonpay which gives you some bonuses for your moonpay account.

3) Convenient interface. You will not experience discomfort. Everything is laid out clearly for your eyesight. All the most important things are done right before your eyes. The developers of the site tried very hard to make the service intuitive.

4) Integration. This service allows you to integrate it into your business and get paid in cryptocurrencies. This is very convenient, because demand for payment in cryptocurrencies is growing, more and more advanced people appear.

What is sms-man and how to buy numbers

Sms-man is a simple and most importantly reliable service for buying virtual numbers. Need a fake account, got your number blocked, need a business account but don’t have the extra number? Welcome to the right place. So to pass moonpay verification you need to create an account in our service.

1) Go to our site, go straight to the home page and on top we see the button “register”. This is what you need.

2) After pressing it, you will be asked to enter your email and password twice. After that, you will receive an email to confirm your account. This is done for our service is not attacked by the scammers, and your data will be safe.

3) Now you need to buy a number, but to do this you need to put money on the account. Go to the tab “payments”. Choose any convenient way of refilling and the amount you want to add.

4) After refilling, go to the home page and choose any country you want and in the list of services look for moonpay to create moonpay account. Alright, now you have a phone number for moonpay, how do you get the sms with the code?

Bypass moonpay verification.

All you have to do now is create a moonpay account. Go to the main page of the site and register a moonpay account with this phone number. Get the code on our website and fill it in the service to bypass the moonpay verification. And so it’s ready, you create a moonpay account using a virtual phone number from sms-man service.

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