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How to Bypass a Ban on Facebook in 2023

Bypass a Ban on Facebook

Facebook is a 2004-launched social media platform, holding the leading positions in the market. It lets users spread multimedia content in fan pages, community groups, or personally in various formats: reels, stories, regular videos, posts, messages. Its money-making strategy stands on ads, implemented in content.

2 billion people consume content here. It’s impossible for developers to control such an enormous platform without strict terms of service; people often get banned from Facebook. This writing can help understand the potential reasons and your actions in case of restriction.

Why Facebook Blocked Me — The Main Reasons

This social media platform developed numerous features that let users stay in touch with family members, friends, and strangers worldwide. Consequentially, losing an account can sever communication, so it’s wise to follow their terms of service and privacy rules.

To determine the type and length of the Facebook ban, the company released strict guidelines on acceptable behaviors and community standards, describing various items in minute detail. Consistent violation of these principles can get your profile disabled forever.

in 2021, the social network blocked about 1.3 billion accounts within 3 months to combat inappropriate content, including controversial/offensive posts and pirated content. The reasons behind a Facebook ban are often obscure, and explanations are seldom crystal-clear.

Why Facebook Blocked Me

The possible reasons include:

  • Excessive activity. If you make too many friend requests or single-type messages, posts, or comments, the platform thinks you’re a spammer;
  • Submitting a fake name. It includes both your unreal name and the name written with UnNEceSsarY capitalization or symbols;
  • Publishing inappropriate content. Hate speech, inappropriate and offensive discussions may get you banned from Facebook;
  • Interacting with suspicious accounts. Interacting with problematic users puts you in danger, as well. Facebook’s algorithms may consider you a potential offender;
  • Spreading fake news. You can get banned from Facebook for spreading unverified information.

Consistent violations and complaints will get you in trouble. You can be warned beforehand, but it’s better if it doesn’t come to this. The advice is simple: explore Facebook’s guidelines that they have in open access, so you could use the service accordingly.

But what do you do if banned?

How to Get Unbanned on Facebook?

How to bypass Facebook account restriction? File an appeal and hope for a pardon. That’s it for conventional means, but there are unusual methods, as well.

  • First, purchase an account. It won’t get your existing account unbanned, but you can use someone else’s account in the meantime. Note: using such account is checkable and punishable;
  • Create a new Facebook account using a spare mobile number. Facebook might ban you IP-wide. If not, getting another account using an additional phone number is an option.

It means that you’ll need a new SIM card. Alternatively, you can buy a virtual phone number to submit during the registration procedure. The virtual numbers work like the usual ones: they make and receive messages, and you can submit this info for registration. Buying them is legal, quick and comfortable.

It is neither traceable nor punishable; the app will send you the verification code to create a new Facebook account just the same, and you’ll even be able to use it for additional security measures, if necessary. Many services offer these numbers for rent or one-time messages.

Bypass Facebook Ban with a Virtual Number

SMS-man allows users to purchase virtual numbers from many different countries in the world for registration various services, like Facebook. You can submit one to create a new Facebook account and even enable the two-step authentication.

The rented numbers last for up to 3 months on SMS-man. They have unlimited uses until then, making them ideal for registering multiple accounts in a short span. A one-time SMS message, however, is enough to create a single account.

virtual phone number for facebook

To get a virtual number, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to using your e-mail or social media account;
  2. Make a deposit by clicking on the “Top up my account” button in the left side menu;
  3. Choose the country of your phone number and “Facebook” service, then click on the “Buy” button beside it;
  4. Wait for the system to add it to the “History” section at the end of the home page;
  5. Copy it, use it to create a new Facebook account.
  6. At the verification step, go back to SMS-man and click on “receive SMS ” to see the code;
  7. Complete the account creation process by entering it in the special area.

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