Buy Discord accounts bulk with a phone number from 8 cents
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Buy Discord accounts bulk with a phone number from 8 cents

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The Discord messenger is designed to organize convenient communication between people. It received the greatest popularity among gamers. The service is well suited for students as it makes it easy to organize an online conference. Any user can create a server to discuss various topics. The messenger is increasingly used for doing business where goods or services are being promoted. In this case, you may need to buy a Discord account. Quite often, it is necessary to use a large number of profiles. In this case, you need to buy Discord accounts. Let’s consider how you can accomplish the task.

The profile in the messenger must be linked to a mobile number. This may be difficult to register. There is no need to buy SIM cards as there is an easier way. Service “Sms-man” offers virtual numbers for registration in Discord from 8 cents.

Buy Discord accounts - what are the disadvantages

Buy Discord accounts – what are the disadvantages

The sale of profiles in messengers and social networks is carried out by specialized online stores. Buying a Discord Nitro account or any other account is not always a good decision. We will try to dwell in more detail on the main problems that we will have to face.

  1. Blocking. When you need to buy a Discord account for spam or other purposes, the store creates profiles automatically. The administration of the messenger is struggling with this registration method and often bans such profiles.
  2. Cheating. Don’t count on the honesty of the store. When a user is looking for where to buy a Discord account with a beautiful ID, he may face deception. The seller can return access after the transaction. Or the profile will be hacked, and its previous owner will claim the rights.
  3. Price. Cost often comes first. You can buy a Discord account with a number from 20-27 cents.

We have already mentioned the alternative. If you want to buy a Discord account with a phone, consider purchasing a virtual number and registering a profile for it. This will cost from 8 cents, in addition, you can avoid all the problems described earlier.

How to buy a Discord account using the “Sms-man” service

Let’s take a closer look at how to act.

  1. We register on the “Sms-man” service. You must have an email address.

Register on Sms-man to buy a Discord account

2. Now you should top up your account. Go to the payment section, the link to which is in the top menu.

Make a payment at to buy a Discord account

3. The service offers several ways to fund your personal account. The user can choose the most convenient option for himself. The minimum amount is 2.67 dollar.

Deposit your balance at to buy Discord accounts bulk

4. Go to the main page. It is required to indicate the country of the virtual number. The next step is to select a service (in our case, this is Discord). It can be found through the search or selected from the list.

Buy a Discord account with the help of a virtual number

5. Go to the Discord website or application. Now we have the opportunity to register in this messenger. Enter the virtual number that was purchased earlier.

Pass registration to buy a Discord account without safety risks

6. We return to the site “Sms-man”. Here, in the “Request History” section, there will already be an SMS notification.

Receive a verification code to buy a Discord account

7. Click “Receive SMS” and copy the confirmation code.

Copy the verification code to buy a Discord profile

8. All that remains is to enter the code in the Discord registration form and complete the process.

All described actions will not take more than a few minutes. It is much more convenient than buying a Discord account with tracking or tagging.

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