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Free number to receive SMS online: SMS-Man version

free virtual phone number

Nowadays it is quite difficult to obtain a free phone number for receiving SMS. It is even more difficult to find one that surely won’t be reused after some time. Most online services that provide free numbers, provide the same numbers again and again over a long period of time. In this case, other users are more likely to steal accounts registered with them. We completely solve this issue. We provide an opportunity to utilize a free virtual phone number option that is completely private and secure. Each phone number is provided for use only one time and after this never appears in stock again under any circumstances. Let’s see how to take advantage of this opportunity.

How to get a free virtual phone number with SMS-Man?

Basically, we provide two options for those who want to use this feature. Those are a special page on the website and a bot on Telegram. Each of them has its own advantages. You can use any that suits your goals better. In order to take advantage of a free virtual mobile number for SMS verification through the website, do the following:

1. Proceed to the page with free numbers from the main page of our website or use this link.

2. Choose the country of the virtual number and click on “Receive SMS”.

3. Copy appeared phone number.

4. Start the registration process on any online service with the copied number.

5. Go back to our platform and press “Update SMS” to see the verification code.

Use the received code to complete registration as the last step. This is simple as it is. You can use the same free virtual number for SMS to register an account on other websites and apps as long as it is active and hasn’t been used by another user for the same platform. There are no limitations in this regard.

How to get a free virtual phone number with a bot on Telegram?

This is the second option. It will be useful for many users and especially for those who regularly use Telegram. There is not much principal difference between this and the first option which is used through the website. You only need to open the appropriate channel on Telegram. You will find there available free virtual numbers. They are used in the same way as free numbers from a website. The only thing that differs is that the verification code will arrive in the comments section under a post with a used free virtual number to receive SMS. Basically, there is one number virtual available at once. It is renewed every 4 hours so technically it is possible to use 6 numbers per day for absolutely free.

Things to know before using free service

Most often users don’t face any issues when using a free virtual phone number. But sometimes they get some questions about this feature. Below we will briefly provide answers to the most popular of them:

  • You can use a free virtual number to sign up for any online service;
  • There are no limitations on the number of SMS received with one number;
  • No one can use a number after it expires.

Now you know not only how to obtain a free virtual phone number but also how it works. This feature will be useful for those who want to test the service before making a deposit as well as users that don’t want or have no opportunity to make one. After all, it is just a good way to receive SMS for free and save some money even if you are using paid virtual numbers.

Need more numbers?

Using a free virtual mobile number for SMS verification as a complete solution is a good option when there is a need to register only one or a few accounts. However, since it comes for free, it is not possible to use free numbers in bulk due to low demand. You need to purchase additional virtual numbers if the goal is to sign up for numerous profiles. This is also possible with us. Those numbers are presented right on the main page of Just register, replenish the balance, select the country of the cellular carrier along with a website or app to use virtual numbers with, and purchase as many of them as necessary.

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